About Me

The journey began for me in Poland (Gdansk) where I was born in 1983 and seven years later our family (Dad, Mom and me) immigrated to South Africa to find “work opportunity”. What an adventure for a 7 year old kid right?

While living in SA we moved around so much I lost count and as a result am not that fond of travel! I suppose it depends on the destination though 😀

Anyway, I grew up just like any other average or ordinary child would, my baby sister was born when I was 12 so now there was four of us and things were just how they should be for about five years. Unfortunately Mom and Dad split when I was 17 and my little sis was just 5 years old. Well, I ended up living with Dad and life was good again, there were some rules but overall Dad was great and provided for me like any good father would, he made a lot of sacrifices for the family! Missed my Mom and my sister but at least they lived close by and I could see them often. Was studying at the time, finished high school, started a BCom degree and after my first semester got impulsive, left and started my own business painting houses with a friend and some hired staff. Hasty vigorous youth right!? Worked out well for some time till I had a car accident and lost my work car, couldn’t walk properly for two weeks, lost the business etc. bad run what can you do but carry on right?

Had to start from scratch in my early 20’s. Worked in many industries, had many bosses and living the ‘just off broke’ status before realizing I would be a slave to the system for good if I don’t start working for myself again! Luckily I learned this early in life and this opinion will never change. If you going to work hard… rather work for yourself and you can always help others do the same for themselves.

So the online journey began when the internet started becoming more of a ‘thing’ and work opportunity started appearing left right and center one didn’t know where to start! It took a few years for me to get my bearings and eventually start somewhere, after getting conned, scammed, beaten and shrugged out thoroughly by crooks, bullies and swindlers but at least thanks to them I learned never to fold and develop a backbone for the next time they come around. After this period it was a frustrating time, I had taken some short cuts and did unethical things as a result got caught selling pirate DVD’s. It was stupid and dishonest and shameful but it happened, was very fortunate not to get locked up but the police took everything, my computer, hard drives and other equipment which served me right but had to start from scratch again.

“Crime pays till you get caught”.

Finally after this whole ordeal and a financial recovery I managed to get a fairly successful online business running on a local sales platform here in SA selling goods like toys, Lego and Duplo, comic books, collectibles, watches, coins (numismatics), art… whatever I could get my hands on, make a profit and feed my family (now wife and son). I started branching out since the income was hardly enough to sustain our family but there was hope that working online was profitable and totally manageable for someone with little experience but the willingness to learn. Eventually my wife and I made a decision to go international and start selling on Ebay, same content as listed above but more concentrated on rare items and discontinued products. The sales were slow but eventually we went over the $1200 mark, considering this was just a side project my wife and I worked part time (maybe 15-20 hours a week at most) most of the time we would be packing parcels. Yes we did it the old fashioned way and still do because we deal with a lot of physical products that we buy locally and import and like doing it this way because it works for us. So after a few sales platforms, the flee market, surveys (which are mostly for the US market) and many other online opportunities I got good at doing research and eventually decided to start investigating all sorts of weird and wonderful things, among which were work opportunities and scams which provide more work opportunities! This eventually inspired AIM (Affiliate Income Marketing). Our objective is to help you find great reliable online work opportunities and avoid getting scammed.

So that’s my story in a nutshell.

“God, Country and Family”.

Hobbies & Interests: Football, cricket, boxing, reading, educating myself on almost any relevant topic (anything and everything).

Enjoy helping others, love children, animals and life itself.


Feel free to drop comments, questions. Will be glad to help you to the best of my ability.

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Best regards,