AdFeedz Scam or Legit?


So is AdFeedz a scam or legit?

After some extensive research the site looks legit.

Gets 100% trust on, some mixed reviews on YouTube but plenty payment proofs and mostly good reviews on Forums like

What makes AdFeedz Unique?

  1. They have a Collect Your Free Bonus page where you can earn about $2.50 to get you started by completing easy tasks such as reading how their site works and claiming some free bonuses.

  2. You can earn as a free member by surfing ads, building a team of referrals or even writing articles for them on certain topics or making a video.

  3. Earn Flip Tickets to win money. You simply flip a card and the system will deduct 1 Chance ticket. You can earn Flip Tickets by getting referrals or purchasing advertising products.

  4. You can earn additional income from 4 different Pools. Surf Pool, Team Pool, Group Pool and Global Pool. To earn from some of these pools you must meet the requirements like owning contracts which you earn from buying advertising credits and bundle packages.

  5. Many advertising options that will help your business grow like the AdFeedz Card which is featured on the homepage. You can earn free credits on the site and use them to advertise your offers.

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