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BidorBuy (Buy and sell online, create a store [optional], passive income affiliate program)

Type: Buy & Sell Products / Affiliate Program / Create A Store

About: South Africa’s and possibly Africa’s biggest online marketplace since 1999. Personally I think this website has one of the best affiliate programs available here in South Africa and I have been using this site since 2009 to sell products, drop ship and invite others to join the affiliate program. Jaco Jonker is currently the CEO since 2011.

The Affiliate Program: BidorBuy has a unique approach and creates an opportunity to build a passive income stream through the affiliate program. Once someone signs up through your referral link and makes a bid or a purchase within 60 days they will become your confirmed referral (lifetime or as long as they have their account) and you will earn a small commission every time they place a bid. Which means the more people you refer and the more they shop on the site, the more passive income you will earn each month.

Here are the rates BOB pays for referred clients: (Currency Conversion Rate: $1 = R14) – Dec 2016