BidorBuy Training Tutorial 001 – Getting started as a seller

BidorBuyHi and welcome to my first training tutorial that will be about BidorBuy 🙂

I started using this eCommerce platform about 8 years ago and would like to show others how to get started and be able to navigate this website to their advantage.

In most people’s opinion, the best way to learn is when someone SHOWS you how to do something so in these tutorials I will be using a lot of snap shots and arrows to indicate and show you exactly what is going on, where to click and what to expect, step by step. If you feel lost or stuck at Read the reviewany point, please feel free to leave a comment or contact support and we will assist you asap.

So we literally going to start from the beginning and try help you set up a BidorBuy account from anywhere in the world! Desktop, tablet or mobile, you are good to roll. Ready?


This is what BidorBuy has to say about international users:

“Many International sellers that have had success selling on other online marketplaces such as eBay have found selling on to be very lucrative achieving significantly higher margins compared to other online marketplaces. This may because South Africans are still largely accustomed to buying from real world shopping malls where retailers generally add a high mark up to their goods.”

Short and formal, I know! :p

There are quite a few international sellers on BOB who are doing extremely well and setting an example for locals here in SA, not to take away credit from locals but initially eBay set the standards that BOB users are getting better and better at following. So there is great potential here, no matter what part of the world you are from. Dropshipping works from ANYWHERE. There are a lot of people making money selling products they don’t stock nor handle.

Example, you can live in the US, find a supplier here in South Africa (by becoming an affiliate) and sell their products or services to South African consumers / buyers, without touching a single product. On top of that you can earn extra revenue by connecting people from your network (social media, email contacts or lead contacts from your website) through the BidorBuy affiliate program.

Here are their recommendations to selling to South Africans:

  • The local currency is called Rands (Symbol – R) and the exchange rate is currently approximately US $1.00 to R13.60 (8th May 2017).
  • Best products to sell. Smaller items such as consumer electronics, jewelry, gemstones etc. tend to sell better than bigger bulkier items.
  • Payments. Try to offer as many payment options as possible such as credit cards and PayPal.
  • Shipping. Local buyers tend to prefer to pay a bit more to have a reliable shipping method such as UPS or DHL rather than using regular mail. Make sure you provide your buyers with the relevant tracking number.
  • Duties. Often smaller packages pass through South African customs without any problems however in your product descriptions make it clear to buyers that they may be liable for 14{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911} VAT as well as any customs duties if applicable (contact us on if you would like to find out about local custom duties for a particular type of item).


STEP 1 – Create Account

This will be a walk-through on how to create a BidorBuy account.

Register on BidorBuy

Register from BidorBuy Homepage

Please note that the homepage has a advert slider that changes so you might not view the same image / advert so please don’t worry about this and just double check it’s the correct url (web address).

The next page is where you will create your account by entering your details.

Creating your BidorBuy account

You must be 18 years or older to register or have adult supervision. Check the “I am above 18 years of age.” box and click the blue “Create Account” button.

Unfortunately I cannot show you the next screen shot because I already have an active account and BidorBuy doesn’t allow duplicate accounts (IP sensitive) and I could cause myself all sorts of problems just by trying. All you have to do is verify your account via email and you will be able to come back and log in with your new username and password. Alternatively you will be able to click on a link in your email when you complete verification.


STEP 2 – Become a Basic or Advanced Seller

Ultimately you want to become an advanced seller as quickly as possible for maximum credibility and so you have access to all the privileges BidorBuy has to offer their merchants. Advanced sellers develop a better reputation faster, are taken more seriously and most importantly they are trusted.

In my BidorBuy Review I show the differences between a basic and advanced seller account.

Here is the procedure to follow if you want to become an advanced seller:

From the home page mouse over the “Help” button and from the drop-down menu click on “Selling”. Top right hand corner. Remember to be logged in.

Help - Selling

The next page will look like this.

Finding Advanced Seller request

Click on “How to Sell – Step 1: Register as a Seller”.

On the next page you will need to scroll right down to the bottom.

All the way down and just before the footer you will see a heading called “Related Links:”

Apply to become an Advanced Seller

Click “Apply”. Right next to the red arrow. If you logged in you can also CLICK HERE.

This will bring up another form that you must fill out with all the compulsory details.

Advanced Seller registration form

All the areas with a red asterix next to them must be filled out.

You need a bank account (debit accounts are fine) not only to accept payments for the merchandise you sell but so BidorBuy can confirm your identity.


STEP 3 – Become Verified (not compulsory)

Verified Seller BadgeTrust is a very important factor when it comes to online shopping!

It is not compulsory to become verified but you will gain more trust as a result of having a green tick badge next to your username.

It will look like this (with your username instead of mine):

Verified Username with green tick

There is a once off administration fee of R100 ($7.30) to become verified.

BidorBuy will submit your details for a background Identity, Credit and Fraud check and this process can take up to 21 days.

You will be notified once the process is successful.

If you are registered and logged in CLICK HERE to apply for verification.

Last but not least, read ALL their terms and conditions!


End of Training Tutorial 001

This will be a good point to end off the training, giving you the time to prepare your account for success!

Sorry it was a bit boring, only one more boring tutorial to go and then from 003 onward it gets REALLY exciting! 🙂

In the next tutorial I will be showing you how to set up payment options, shipping options and how to list a product.

I would like the training to have some sort of structure that makes sense to you and doesn’t overwhelm so I encourage you to leave feedback in the comment section, let me know if the tutorial is good or bad and why.

A big part of affiliate marketing is to help those you are partnered with so this is also my way of giving back to BOB and saying thank you for creating such a awesome platform!


“BidorBuy Training Tutorial 002” coming soon…


Please feel free to comment and ask ANY questions regarding BidorBuy or the training here on AIM.

Suggestions and requests are welcome and should you feel stuck I will be happy to assist you to the best of my ability. ?

Best regards,



  1. Mark Baker

    Hey Kamil, I didn’t know much about this platform at all so so I found your tutorial really interesting. It seems very easy to join up and possible for one to make money too. I wanted to ask you about the delivery options that are available to users. My understanding is that the Postal Service in South Africa can be quite unreliable these days. Firstly, what are your thoughts on that and secondly, what other options are there?

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Mark

      Yes the SA post office can be highly unreliable, it is extremely frustrating when trying to run a FAST EFFICIENT service but now days there are many ways to get around it.

      When importing one must still go through Customs SA, they are not as incompetent as the SA post office service and a lot easier to track parcels. Courier is a great way to get around SA PO, I use DHL mainly and FedEx, it’s more costly but very reliable. I offer all these options to my customers and they can decide what is most affordable and convenient for them.

      Another alternative is to source local stock and then use PostNet or Aramex Couriers, this way the SA PO is not involved in anyway to cause delays.

      I hope this brief explanation helps to show there are many ways to go around this “problem” 🙂

      Best regards,


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