Earn 2000 Satoshi + 10 000 more for completing a easy task!

Register for free with Cointiply and complete the task listed below to get 2000 Satoshi!

Please note this is a task mainly for active FaucetHub users and you will need a Bitcoin wallet address.
New users and beginners also welcome!

1. Register
2. Upgrade your mine to 34MP (Mining Power) on 100% efficiency or 68MP on 200% efficiency.

It doesn’t take long to increase your MP, depending on the tasks you complete or how often you claim from the faucet.
There are many different ways to earn coins as listed below.
I managed to get more than 34MP on my first day of joining.
Please ask questions in the comments below if you struggle to earn coins, there is also a live chat on the site for instant help and tips from mods.

Bookmark this page to have access to comments and answered questions.


How to earn coins?

Read the instructions and FAQ’s once registered to get a better understanding of how the game/faucet works.

Cointiply FAQ

1. Claim from the faucet every hour.
2. Complete offers from the Offer Wall (Surveys, Games, Downloads, Quizzes etc.)
3. PTC and Videos.
4. Main Mining Game.
5. Play Games.


Information and Tips:
– This is currently one of the highest paying Bitcoin Faucets in 2018.
– Mobile friendly.
– You will receive 100 coins for free when you join.
– 1 coin = Approximately 1.3 Satoshi (changes with BTC value).
– 34MP generates 1 coin per hour / 340MP = 10 coins per hour / 3400MP = 100 coins per hour and so on.
– 100 coins will buy you 1MP.
– 10 000 Coins = $1.
– Buy a Carrier Depot once you have 200 Coins. This will give you 2MP then keep upgrading this building, there is no limit to how much you can upgrade your building/s.

UPDATE (25th June) – The buildings now have leveling limits which can be checked on the Instructions page. Please adjust your mining strategy accordingly.

Carrier Depot

– Raise your mining efficiency to 200% so when you have 34MP at 100% efficiency and you raise your efficiency to 200% you will have 68MP which will give you 2 coins per hour.
– You do not need to do anything to receive the coins, this is passive income generated by your mine (not CPU mining).
– Minimum withdraw amount is 35 000 Coins / $3.50.
– The game is progressive and the more coins you earn and invest into building your mine and upgrading it, the more coins you can generate per hour.
– Live chat with active mods 24/7.


How to boost efficiency?

You can watch up to 5 videos every hour to receive 1% efficiency per video.

When you check your mine each hour you will receive 5% efficiency.

So every hour you can increase your efficiency by 10%.


2. You will only be paid once you have registered and completed the task. I will personally pay you on FaucetHub once you verify your user ID and I check your stats.
3. Once you have 34MP on 100% efficiency please leave a message here in the comments or send me a PM on FaucetHub and your coins will be sent as soon as possible.


On the Offer Wall got to AdGate Media (sometimes it will be on the Kiwi Wall) and find a offer called “Lords Mobile”.
Make sure you have an Android device for this task and make sure to be logged in on your Cointiply account and use the same email to register on Lords Mobile.
The offer should give you 32 000+ Coins!!! Which is worth $3.20. Some people received 49 000+ Coins for this task, it depends what region you live in.
On Lord Mobile you need to get to Monster Level 2 which can be learned at the Academy Building once you upgrade it to level 7. You can easily find the info on Google or message below.

You can also find Minute Staff tasks on the Offer Walls. These are fairly quick and easy tasks to complete and will earn you some coins for your first building or upgrades if you have already purchased the first building.

There are many other tasks that pay up to 100 000 coins but most will require a subscription of some sort. You can subscribe for 1 day to receive the coins then unsubscribe the next day to avoid being billed further.



Get to 1000MP on 100% efficiency or 2000MP on 200% efficiency and I will donate an extra 10 000 Satoshi to your FaucetHub Wallet!


My mining stats after 2 weeks:

Cointiply Mining Stats after 2 weeks

The No 1 Ranked person on Cointiply is currently earning $350+ per month!


  1. S.E. Alex Knight

    Dude, I have been doing cointiply for over a month now and had no idea about the mine—one which has the ability to generate $300+ a month, a sum that you have no idea how hard I have trying to get generated through online rewards; but a miner would be the ideal prized possession. Thank you for your informative page.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Alex
      Only a pleasure and yes sometimes there is so much overwhelming information and we tend to miss a thing or two 🙂

      Just let me know should you need help with anything.



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