Ethx Coin Airdrop Review (September 2018)

Business Name:

Year Founded: 2017

Users: Over 500 000

Domain Age1 Year 58 Days (Checked on 20th of September 2018)
Last Refreshed: 21 Days ago
Website Speed: Fast

Owner: Registrant State/Province: Grand Cayman
Owner Country : Cayman Islands 
Website Location  : India 


Membership: Free

Personal Rating: 8 out of 10


How to earn?

Read the FAQ’s once you have registered to get a better overall understanding of how the platform works.

  1. Earn $2.50 or 10 Ethx coins per referral. The value of Ethx can change but currently it is $2.50 for 10 Ethx coins/tokens. There is no limit to how many referrals you can invite and there are extra Badge rewards for reaching certain referral levels (as shown below).
  2. On your dashboard you will be able to see Badges and if you open this page there will be several earning opportunities for completing tasks.

Ethx Badges


Ethx provides several wallet and acts as an exchange.

Supported Currencies:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) active
  2. Ethereum (ETH) active
  3. Litecoin (LTC) active
  4. US Dollars (USD) active
  5. Indian Rupee (INR) active
  6. Ethxcoin (ETHX) coming soon…
  7. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coming soon...
  8. NEO (NEO) coming soon…
  9. SIA (SIA) coming soon…


Dashboard Explained:

Ethx Dashboard Explained

ICO SALE – You can currently invest in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Available till 2nd of October 2018.

BUY/SELL – You will need to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) application before proceeding to trade.

WALLETS – Find all your wallets here.

US DOLLAR – Deposit, Withdraw and view transaction history.

BADGES – Earn extra Ethx rewards.

SHARE THE LOVE – Find your referral link here and view referral amount and earnings.

SUPPORT – Request support by submitting a ticket.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions.

SECURITY – Enable your 2FA (Two Factor Authorization) here.

DISCUSSION FORUM – Join the discussions and earn a badge for 20 high quality posts.

KYC – Know Your Customer Application.


Find Ethx on:




Information and Tips:

This is currently one of the highest paying ICO’s where they are paying a once of fee (10 Ethx coins) for every referral that joins.

Currently there are 15 Badge awards and if all of them are completed you can potentially earn 6481 Ethx coins which is $1620.25

Share your referral link on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) or Mellow Ads. There are many other methods to get referrals, you can either use paid advertising or free traffic exchange websites like Traffic Ad Bar.

Apply for ALPHASTAR status and receive the following benefits if you qualify.

Ethx Alphastar Program



Please feel free to ask any questions below in the comment section.

If you feel stuck ask for help! 😉

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