How to dropship and make money quickly – 5 easy steps

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Dropship ProcessIn this article I would like to show you how to dropship and make money quickly using a particular method that works for many people including myself. With this method you can earn pretty much overnight once you have a registered sellers account or you have your own niche website and you can find a reliable product that WILL sell.

Before you jump to conclusions that this sounds too good to be true please continue reading because at first it came as a bit of a surprise to me as well, how simple it is to set this up. Now I make sales nearly everyday using this technique.

I try to be very careful when using words like “make money quickly” and “overnight” because many of us have been scammed or deceived into thinking money can be made easily online, right?

If you honest and smart about it you can. If you are determined to learn methods that have been proven to work you can. There is obviously a process here and you need to do some work! 🙂

What I’m about to share can be set up quite fast and you might get results in just a few days or a couple of hours in some very fortunate cases.

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Create a seller account on BidorBuy (or preferred eCommerce platform).
  2. Find the product you want to sell.
  3. Find a reliable supplier that sells this product.
  4. List the product you want to sell.
  5. Get Traffic.

Firstly what is drop shipping?

Provide goods by direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retailer or customer.

The idea is that you don’t need to buy or stock inventory to make money. You have access to literally millions of products world wide you can promote and sell.

Initially I started drop shipping as a result of customer demand and to expand my business, stock management under constant growth can become overwhelming for just one person and you don’t want to get stuck with too much work like listing, searching, negotiating, ordering, collecting, storing, packing, dropping off parcels and handling all the administration in between unless you love doing that, technology these days has actually made all this possible. It’s great to have this experience because it helps you appreciate and empathize with your employees down the line! ^^,

Eventually you want to use the most productive methods that help you save time.

Here are two ways you can go about drop shipping or selling products you don’t have in stock:

  1. List products on an eCommerce platform, your own website or using social media, when an order is placed you will then order the product from your supplier, they ship the product to you and you will repack it (if necessary), add the correct address and send it to your customer.

This is the longer way and perhaps less recommended these days but the main reason for this method is to inspect the merchandise you are selling to your customers. It might not be necessary to do this with every product but make sure you deal with trustworthy suppliers when you not handling the stock yourself.

Remember to wrap the items securely if and when repacking.

Packing with bubble wrap

Online entrepreneurs resort to a much faster and more effective way to dropship now days… that doesn’t require bubble wrap anymore! 😮

  1. Using the same method but instead of dealing with everything yourself like packing and handling, you going to send your customer directly to the supplier or have the supplier ship the item directly to your customer and receive a commission for each sale. How? By becoming an affiliate and using a unique id html code (your affiliate link). This is how your supplier identifies where the referral came from and knows who to pay the commission.

You can find out how to do this by reading these articles on the EPN Program and Amazon Associates. Considering there are tens of thousands of different mainstream and independent affiliate programs out there, you could literally do this for the rest of your life and there is no need to touch or handle a single item doing it. Talk about saving time!

The suggested method is to make one of these platforms work well before moving onto the next or try a few and lean towards the one that starts to show the best results. Mentioning eBay and Amazon here because they are the most recognized internationally.

I am going to use BidorBuy as an example however to show this can be done with ANY international eCommerce platform. You might have never heard of BidorBuy or going “HUH?” at this point. Well, BOB is currently Africa’s number one and probably biggest eCommerce site.

The same technique I’m about to share here should work BETTER on eBay or Amazon.

Please note not everyone will qualify to join EPN or Amazon Associates but as I mentioned there are thousands of other platforms you can find, if you struggling please email me to help you find one.

Make sure you can accept online payments through your credit card, PayPal or use third party credentials like a family member or friend.

I can request payments from BOB directly into a South African bank debit account or PayPal account and I’m sure you can do the same in the country where you live.

Okay, let’s get started before I bore you to death with formalities and procedures. It’s just better to give you an idea of what to expect before you try something that ends up frustrating you. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section at the end of this article.



Create a seller account on BidorBuy (by clicking on the image below).

If you don’t have a BOB account you can register and fill out the necessary details to create an account then register as a seller. You also have live chat support to help out if you get stuck.

Get permission to dropship from administration. If you don’t do this you risk getting your account blacklisted or suspended. Make sure to keep a email copy saved once you get approved.

You don’t need to get your seller account verified right away but you want to do this as quickly as possible because having the verified seller status will add to your credibility and create trust among buyers, especially if they purchasing from you for the first time or if you have not yet developed a reputation via the rating system.



Find the product you want to sell.

You can come up with many techniques to find a product you want to sell.

  1. Google search what is hot and trending.
  2. Browse indicative websites like eBay, Amazon and your local sites.
  3. Ask family members and friends what they have recently purchased for themselves or for someone else.
  4. Surveys and research.

In other words it’s best to sell what’s already selling.

Here is the awesome part…

If you have a BidorBuy or eBay seller account you can literally sell ANYTHING. You are not restricted to selling products here that only relate to your niche. You can sell A – Z and 0 – 9, literally anything you like or want.

So this is where the fun begins!

In the BidorBuy homepage image above I marked “What’s Hot” with a red rectangle, if you have BidorBuy open in a new tab click on this “What’s Hot” button and the following page pops up:

What's Hot Page

You will see many categories of products to choose from here and this is a great indicator to show what is already popular and selling well.

eBay has a feature which allows you to see how many units a merchant has sold to give you a even more accurate indication of what sells and how fast. You can use these statistics to your advantage.

The most recent product I tested in the Cell Phones & Accessories category was iphone cases / covers after seeing how well they are selling here on BidorBuy, The day after listing about 80 different covers I got 3 bids and more have followed suit since.

iphone cover bids on bidorbuy

It’s a small result but the more listings you have up and time you invest doing this the better your chances are of receiving more bids or direct sales. The reason I list these on auction is so I have better control over the stock status. If the supplier has stock I can close the auction early (make sure to disclose ‘the right’ to end auctions early in the product description). If the supplier is sold out I can check and cancel the bid before the auction closes to avoid an unnecessary checkout and refund process.

This allows me to have more listings because if you start drop shipping too much stock at once it becomes a big challenge to manage the stock availability status (SAS). Some sellers overload their stores and end up with a lot of negative ratings because they have to disappoint their customers when they don’t manage their SAS well. Remember the stock is not stagnant waiting for you unless you have some special holding agreement which is rare, stock constantly moves, big suppliers sell in bulk and close listings, you have to be vigilant and pay attention or hire someone  who is orientated and skilled to monitor this type of activity.

Another reason is because on the BUY NOW side I list all my products that are in stock and on the AUCTION side I dropship. Keeps things simple and easier to manage.

Eventually it can lead to your email inbox looking like this:

(Less than 30 minutes of activity).

Dropship bids on BidorBuy

This is my main niche (Lego Minifigures) but it took me a few years to develop a reputation where these kind of results are achieved. It is definitely not every day this happens but it shows that my drop shipping method works.



Find a reliable supplier.

Once again there are too many suppliers to choose from when it comes to finding stock. Make sure the ones you deal with are reputable and trustworthy. If a private supplier you dealing with is selling a reputable brand check them out before ordering stock, remember your buyer is waiting and your reputation could be on the line. Ratings are a great way to check if a supplier is trustworthy so rather stick to platforms which provide a safe method of trading and exposing credentials that can be verified.



List the product you want to sell.

Notice I have also marked the “Help” button on the BidorBuy homepage image above, if you have BidorBuy open in a new tab mouse over the “Help” menu and select “Selling” from the drop down menu.

You will find a easy step by step guide how to set up a listing to best suit the product you want to sell.

help desk on bidorbuy


Get Traffic.

Everything online takes clicking or tapping and is TIME CONSUMING. You need to find a good balance of what is productive for you which means you might need to play around with different traffic sourcing methods before working out what produces the best results.

There is a endless amount of free methods to use. One of the most effective is… yep! I have to say it… SOCIAL MEDIA. You have Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and hundreds of others. The trick is to engage on the right topics and subjects that are related to the products you promote and sell. Don’t overwhelm yourself but if you one of those people that like to be all over the place there are more than enough social media platforms to keep you going. Here’s an idea… why not create your own? 🙂

Email Marketing. Over the years I have picked up thousands of email addresses from customers, people who inquire about the products, individuals who respond to business opportunities advertised and so forth. A great way to generate a response is to offer them a newsletter once a week with updates, news, helpful tips and promotions on the niche they enjoy receiving information on. Make it fun and obligation free. When something is FUN and FREE people will tell their family and friends about it. Always work on building your network and contact lists.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Please feel free to comment bellow if you have questions, concerns or any feedback. I will be happy to assist in any way possible 😉

Best regards,



  1. John

    I have used E-bay for drop shipping before. If you use a good keyword tool for the title of your item it helps. I did use social networks to expand my customer base like you said. It did work very well for me when I used it. My vendor stopped shipping the item I was promoting and I went to just listing items that are around the house. I have been looking for another line of products to get back into this as you can make quite a bit of extra change a month with little work and no inventory to mess with. I like the fact that E-bay will help you get traffic as long as you are not promoting a product with 50 other people, you do have to find something that does not have a lot of competition. Is Bidorbuy only in Africa, I havve never heard of it.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi John

      Thank you for sharing your experience here.

      There are literally thousands of different products you can promote from eBay, you already have a huge atvantage if you have an account set up.

      BidorBuy is mainly a South African eCommerce site but there are many international sellers and buyers utilizing this platform so you not restricted from using BOB at all 🙂

      Kind regards,


  2. Rhonda Jean

    Interesting article! I have often wondered exactly how “drop shipping” worked. There are a lot of scammers out there that say they have your website all set up for you and all you have to do is pay a monthly fee and collect your profits. You really have to be careful.

    You have shown the right way to do this. As you have shown, you have to be in control. Wealthy Affiliate is a drop shippers dream with unlimited websites and training to build them. I guess I need to get busy.

    What items have you had the most luck with and have you found other products or affiliates since this article?

    Thanks for the information!
    Rhonda Jean

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Rhonda

      Yes unfortunately there is a lot of scamming out there and we need to take all the necessary precautions possible. Don’t buy into anything that sounds to good to be true.

      My main niche is Lego minifigures and parts, have had a lot of success with this over the years on my BidorBuy account and the market is only growing.

      I use the method suggested in this article to find what other items sell, for research purposes and extra revenue.

      I am constantly looking into new opportunities and will share them as I go and when time allows 🙂

      All the best,


  3. Donna

    Great article. Very informative also! I do have an ebay account but havent used it in a couple of years. Ill have to get back into it soon and see what my rating and number of sold and bought items I had. I started out as a buyer and then also became a seller. Like I said, Its been years.
    I joined wealthy affiliate at the end of Jan. or Feb.2017. I have been working on research and a few other projects also. Im still putting together my websites. Thank you for your article and all the wonderful ideas. Best wishes on all of your future endeavors.


    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Donna

      It’s great that you already have this experience and I can honestly say its like riding a bicycle, all you got to do is get back on 🙂

      Learning the “tricks” of the trade may take time but if you pay attention to those who already successful and follow their lead its just a matter of time before you get the results they are getting.

      Hang in there and never give up!

      All the best,


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