How to earn a passive income online by creating training tutorials.

Training by Kamil Basinski - Site Health

Training by Kamil Basinski - Site HealthLiving in this day and age of computers for a few decades now, many of us have learned and developed some incredible skills working with them. Some just know the basics and others are highly advanced but with each passing generation the knowledge and learning process seems to increase tremendously.

In general we notice this with children, how quickly they understand something that is modern or technological and we as adults tend to take longer to grasp the capabilities of the newer gadgets and computers, with exception to some tech geniuses out there. 🙂

No doubt there is great potential in educating others how to navigate and utilize new technology, software, programs, applications (apps), web builders like WordPress and such.

If history can be used as an indicator, this is where the future is heading right?

Below is a method I use to make passive income by creating training tutorials on a website called Wealthy Affiliate.

Firstly I had to become a premium member for three consecutive months on this site to have the privilege to create tutorials for the members there and the rest of the world! So there is no catch here but there are certain requirements.


Wealthy Affiliate (Premium Membership) for 3 months.

Knowledge on how to create these training tutorials. This can be learned very easily (in 30 minutes).

Knowledge that will help members on Wealthy Affiliate. It can be ANYTHING as long as it’s relevant to building websites or online businesses, helping someone with their niche and selling their products, affiliating, marketing, networking and much more that would take forever to list here! There is no limit as long as you are relevant and helpful.

Potentially you can earn up to $75 per training tutorial created by earning likes. If you understand how to promote things like this through social media, you should have no trouble reaching the levels necessary. I explain the different earning levels further below in this article.

How it works:

Once you have met the requirements and logged into your profile click on your profile image in the top right hand corner and you will see a drop menu like this.

Earn from Training Tutorials 01

Click “My Profile”

To create a training tutorial simply go under your bigger profile image where you will see “New to The Community”, “My Network”, “My Posts” and then “My Training”.

It should look like this;

Earn from Training Tutorials 02

Click “New Training”

You will then have 3 training option to choose from.

Earn from Training Tutorials 03

If you feel comfortable or you already advanced and confident with creating Video and Course training then by all means you can do that whenever you ready.

The simplest form of training is a tutorial and when you select this option you will see this page popping up.

Earn from Training Tutorials 04


Please remember you are trying to HELP other people out there. Keep this in mind when creating a training tutorial because most people are motivated by the money (of course and that is okay) but consider the more helpful you are the more you will benefit long term! People who you have helped will return for more helpful training from you, this means more likes and like clicks raise the levels of your training and more earnings as a result.

So lets get to the fun part! 🙂


Very simple.

10 Credits = $5

Your training will be assessed so please don’t get any funny ideas.

Only once your training hits level 2 it is approved and then you get your first 10 credits ($5).

Every time you reach a new level you will be notified via email.

The Levels:

@ LEVEL 1 you get 10 Credits = $5

@ LEVEL 2 you get + 20 Credits = $10

Total – 30 Credits = $15

So once you roll over to the third level you would have received another $10 which in total will now be $15.

Each level is worth the previous level’s credit amount and will take longer to get through. You will need to get more ‘like clicks’ per each level.

This indicates that your training is helping people and you will get paid accordingly.

By the time you get to level 5 you will have earned $75 in total for your training.

Once you created the training you don’t have to do anything either than promote that training on your website or on social media or sending emails to family and friends. There will be people looking at your training tutorials on Wealthy Affiliate automatically so the levels will go up depending how helpful and popular the training becomes.

Earn from Training Tutorials 05

You can easily do this full time.

10 Training’s p/m = $750

20 Training’s p/m = $1500

50 Training’s p/m = $3750

What if Monday to Friday (5 per day) you can create 25 Training Tutorials?!

100 Training’s p/m = $7500

Looks good and sounds reasonable?

If you feel you have a lot of valuable knowledge to share about any of the following topics and subjects below, you can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity TODAY!




Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.




SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media




Business Management

Web Navigation

Searching Tools

Apps (Applications)


Operating Systems

Technical Support

Wealthy Affiliate

Website Health




Auction & Sell

and thousands of others it would take too long to mention.

After 3 months you would have a clearer understanding of what help people are searching for and could provide what is in demand more accurately.



You don’t have to use Wealthy Affiliate to do this but currently I cannot recommend a better platform.

You can still do this as an idea. How would you earn? A few ways…

  1. Have a website and charge a SMALL monthly subscription fee, offer ALL your training for that fee and DON’T up-sell!
  2. Sell each individual training (for a very small fee unless you have no competition). Again, using your site or social media or platforms like eBay.
  3. Sell your training in a digital format or physical print outs… people like me still like physical literature believe it or not.


Please feel free to comment bellow if you have questions, concerns, feel like I missed something or have any feedback.

I will be happy to assist in any way possible ?

You can also contact support for further details about how this all works.

Best regards,



  1. Simon

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate too and I have to agree with you, there’s no better place to learn or get your website hosted. Their new system regarding accomplishing mobile friendly and secure websites plus delivering lightning download speed for mobiles is very impressive.

    I have taken loads of training from members, maybe even your training in order to accomplish a particular task and have always succeeded in achieving my goal.

    I haven’t considered training others on the platform yet as I’m currently going through the training program to build up my niche website but the figures you mention here are impressive. In the future when I’ve more time I’ll certainly get involved.

    I think the key to successful training is to prepare and put the information across in the most simplest format, just like Wealthy Affiliate teach their program. Like you mention, it’s fairly straightforward to grasp visitors on a consistent basis once you’ve become established, checking your new training out.

    Have you done any video training yet?
    Thanks for reminding me,

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Simon

      Thank you for your valuable comment and input, its great to get confirmation from a member who already knows the platform 🙂

      I really enjoy learning at Wealthy Affiliate and also sharing my experiences to help others.

      Currently I have not done video training because still learning the ropes and here in South Africa the internet is so slow that doing video training would be very challenging, it takes forever to load things and this can hinder the training process. Once we get fiber this may change.

      I wish you all the best Simon and please feel free to contact me directly through WA if you ever need a helping hand 😉

      Best regards,


  2. Weston

    Wow! Thank you for this great information! I am a part of Wealthy Affiliate and haven’t looked into doing training tutorials. I didn’t even know you could earn credits that turn into cash from doing this.

    I don’t think I’m at a level where I can provide great training for people yet, but maybe in the future after I have a little better understanding for different things online. I’m just starting to feel comfortable with my first website and don’t feel like I could give very good instructions to others.

    I will keep this option in mind. Thank you!


    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Weston

      It’s great that you already working on your first website. You will acquire a lot of knowledge when following the certification course and affiliate bootcamp through Wealthy Affiliate and eventually you will have valuable training content to share.

      Wish you all the best with your website and WA journey! 😉



  3. Linda Frankson

    Hi, Kamil your work here is very valuable, I too am a W/A member in a very short amount of time have been able to get my site up and running and be indexed in Google search engines.

    This for me has been a real eye opener because I had been on other platforms and been left out there to dry. With W/A I have been able to move forward and really enjoy what I am doing. The help that W/A provides is super incredible.

    I wish you well in your endeavors you will help many to find and apply.

    always a better way,
    sending blessings your way.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Linda

      Thank you kindly for the compliment 😉
      Hope the site can bring value to everyone involved in affiliate marketing.

      Please feel free to contact me on WA should you need any help.

      All the best!


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