How to earn extra income using the internet (Part 2)

The online adventures continue with some more interesting ways to earn money online. We have probably all asked that question “How to earn extra income online?” or “How can I make money using the internet?”. After 7 years of running up and down this digital maze I managed to discover a few ways and want to help those still looking.

In part 1 it was mentioned that BidorBuy has a fantastic affiliate program. I have written a short review you can read here.

This is another simple strategy I use to generate referrals and sales at the same time.

  1. I post product adverts online using local websites like Gumtree (here in South Africa). This can be a comic book, Lego set or Plush Toy. I can also put up a general advert for many Lego items or comic bundles.
  2. When someone contacts me by replying to the advert via email or Gumtree’s messenger board I send them a link to my list of products that are listed on BidorBuy. This link has my affiliate id.
  3. If the customer wants to purchase one of my items and they don’t have a BidorBuy account they need to create one. If they create a new account and buy the desired item they automatically become a ‘lifetime referral’. For this I receive R40 ($3 +-) even if they purchase an item from someone else within 60 days of their initial sign up.
  4. I will also receive a small commission every time they buy something on BidorBuy as long as they have that account.
  5. They now have the opportunity to do the same and participate in R1 auctions! Win win.

In most of the opportunities that I’m going to share during these posts, there will usually be a reliable affiliate program associated with it. You should always take advantage of this since its an additional source of income.

For example lets just say you sell comic books on Ebay and you have a website, you can sign up with Ebay Partner Network, promote Ebay products through your website and earn a commission. The comic market can be very lucrative, there are dealers selling comics and CGC’s for hundreds of thousands of dollars so the commission earnings can be quite high! This is just one particular market you can get involved in. According to Comics Price Guide (Dec 2016) a copy of Action Comics #1 (1938) CGC 9.8 is now worth $18 000 000.00! That’s correct, eighteen million US Dollars if you have one of these. Even a lower grade raw copy 4.0 VG is worth $480 000.00. Some of us should really check our attics and basements just in case! 😀

If you fortunate enough to find someone on Ebay selling this you can create a referral link on your website and take $900 000.00 (@ a 50{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911} commission rate). You don’t have to have a comic website for this, perhaps you have a site where you promote good investments, collectibles or antiques. I would say that working smart is better than working hard but if you do both you can yield some magnificent results.

Initially the draw card to comics was the artwork and in my youth I must have read about a thousand Archie comics, since then I have mostly taken an interest in the speculation realm.

When I first started investing in comic books I knew nothing! So many mistakes were made and so many comics bought that ended up in the $1 bin or bucket. Some people laughed and said “you can’t make money selling comic books”. You can guess what I did next right?… Started making money selling comic books 🙂

The first few months were a disaster, like mentioned it was a trial run, I was learning the ropes. I stared educating myself on comic book investing from guys like Jay Katz from Rare Comics, Key Investment Issues. Reading, reading and more reading of blogs, articles, reviews and advice from experts. Following comic book ranks and publishing statistics etc. Long story short. I learned a lot about the industry then decided to test this knowledge on a international platform like Ebay.

It took a while to get use to the interface and all the listing details but it all became easy eventually. My Wife got involved part time, by the way I think women are much better at packing parcels than men, haha! So much neater ^^,

You can also drop-ship if you don’t like to handle products yourself, my Wife and I just like the idea of dealing with physical products and collectibles, packing etc. as we then have control over the orders, if we want to add free goods or something extra to say thank you. With drop shipping this might not be an option, all depending on your supplier and product of course.

In the first 3 months we only made about $200 which was not much of course but it meant this could work. I reinvested the $200 and purchased more comic books, put in extra effort and paid for more listings ($15) since you only get 50 free listings per month with Ebay. Got a bit creative, followed some trends, added some other items to the mix like movie posters, numismatics (coins) and other collectibles.

This was the result in our 4th month:

The efforts paid off but I still wanted to reach that $1k p/m milestone. Carried on working hard and about 2 months later we finally went over the 1k mark.

Another important aspect here is that we used Google+ to drive traffic to each individual Ebay listing, this definitely helps with the conversion ratio.

To do this simply right click the blue text once your item is listed, left click ‘Copy link address’. Go to your Google+ account and paste the link into the ‘What’s new with you?’ box. Give it a title before pasting the link so it doesn’t look to messy.

Just remember that you can do this with ANY product that you are personally passionate about or you have a lot of knowledge about. You can turn any passion into a business.

Stay in touch for Part 3 to find out more different ways to earn income online through affiliate programs and other related money making methods.

How to earn extra income using the internet (Part 1)

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