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Buy & Sell Bitcoin on LunoIn this article I would like to show you how to earn free Satoshi (Bitcoin) by using faucets and give you a bit of insight on micro-wallets that can be very beneficial in helping you manage your claims.

Several months ago I started using faucets to claim free Satoshi (Bitcoin cents) and it was a mess!

At the time I wished there was a guide like this one to explain an organised way of claiming from faucets and rich with insightful tips that usually take time to learn from experience. Even though there was a lot of research available, I could not find anything that presented a strategy like the one that will be presented here for beginners and advanced faucet users.

If you enjoy reading and learning about Bitcoin and Alt coin faucets you will love this post!

When hearing about Bitcoin for the first time and finally understanding the concept of using this currency, I created several wallets and addresses for different purposes. When starting the faucets I used random addresses with different faucets and only later realized that this was a mistake!


This is going to be a step by step guide to show you a nice organized way of managing your faucets and claims so hopefully you don’t make the same mistakes I made. There are also going to be a lot of extra opportunities along the way, not just faucet claims!




Create your first Bitcoin Wallet!

COINBASE – Recommended for most international users. Joining gives you access to the affiliate program which rewards $10 worth of Bitcoin for every $100 that is bought, sent or received by your referrals. This is not the best wallet for sending very small amounts of Satoshi due to the fees but good for sending large amounts.

LUNO – Recommended for South African users. They also have an affiliate program that rewards R10 worth of Bitcoin to you and your referral for every R500 bought or sold (excludes exchanges).

BLOCKCHAIN – Recommended for most if not all users. There is no affiliate program associated with this wallet and this is probably one of the main reasons it is the safest. They have many security measures for you to implement so your Bitcoins don’t get pinched! Although even if they did there is a way to track every single transaction on the Blockchain system.


Personally I have signed up with all 3 to test how they work and to be able to answer questions in the comment section to the best of my ability. At this point I can recommend them all but LUNO is definitely my favorite Bitcoin Wallet.

If you live in South Africa you cannot buy and sell Bitcoin through COINBASE so please keep that in mind. You will still be able to send, receive and earn Bitcoin (affiliate commission) from most of your international referrals that are able to purchase and sell.

TIP – If you have a Coinbase account you will not be charged any fee from CoinPot for withdrawing Bitcoin and Litecoin! If you choose LUNO or BLOCKCHAIN you will need to find an alternative Litecoin & Dogecoin Wallet to withdraw.



Register with COINPOT.


CoinPot is a micro-wallet that stores your claims instantly from 7 different faucets until you withdraw to your actual wallet.

Now you will learn how to claim your first Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash!

Are you excited yet?! 😀



Make sure to use the same email address that you used to register with CoinPot to signup with or claim from the following faucets:

You can join one or join them all.










Very simple! Sign in with the same email address you used to register with CoinPot.

Moon Bitcoin Sign in Page

You will have to complete a Captcha to verify that you are human and not a bot.

Once signed in you will be able to claim every 5 minutes with Moon Bitcoin. Simply click the “claim now” button and solve a Captcha to verify your claim.

Moon Bitcoin Claim Page

Now I wanted to point out my mistake. As you can see instead of a email address there is a Bitcoin address where it says “You are signed in as…”

The reason for this is because I used a different account at the time and was not registered with CoinPot. I could have changed it easily but by this time I had already gathered about 15 referrals and some were active so it stayed this way to retain my passive income stream. Now I don’t see it accumulating in my CoinPot account and receive my payments each week directly to my wallet instead of instantly to my CoinPot account like you can do now. 🙂

All claims from all 5 of these faucets will appear in your CoinPot account balance and you will also be able to see your recent transactions and referral commissions.

CoinPot Balance

To withdraw your Dogecoin you will need to create a Dogechain Wallet.

There will also be no fee to withdraw from CoinPot to your Dogechain account!

Now you can start claiming from all 7 faucets and watch everything accumulate in your CoinPot account. Remember to always refresh the page when checking your new balance.

You can withdraw by clicking the “View bitcoin summary” tab. The same goes for Litecoin and Dogecoin.



Moon Bitcoin – 5 minutes. Will keep stacking till you claim (stacking becomes slower the longer you take to claim).

Moon Litecoin – 5 minutes. Will keep stacking till you claim (stacking becomes slower the longer you take to claim).

Moon Bitcoin Cash – 5 minutes. Will keep stacking till you claim (stacking becomes slower the longer you take to claim).

Moon Dash – 5 minutes. Will keep stacking till you claim (stacking becomes slower the longer you take to claim).

Moon Dogecoin – 5 minutes. Will keep stacking till you claim (stacking becomes slower the longer you take to claim).

Bonus Bitcoin – 15 minutes. Will not stack. Claim up to 5000 Satoshi or change the claiming setting to “average amount”.

BitFun – No timer. Will keep stacking till you claim (stacking becomes slower the longer you take to claim).




Register with FAUCETHUB.


FaucetHub is a HUGE micro-wallet that allows you to accumulate claims from hundreds of faucets!

Assuming you already have a Bitcoin Wallet Address (if not please go back to Step 1 above) you will need to link it with FaucetHub BEFORE joining the associated faucets.

FaucetHub Bitcoin Address Linking

Now using the same Bitcoin address you will proceed to claim from the faucets that are associated with FaucetHub.

There are so many faucets linked to FH that I have not had the chance to go through them all but here below are the ones the ones that pay.

Some of these faucets require a minimum amount before you can request a withdraw to FaucetHub and others will automatically be sent. These are called Auto-Faucets.





Coins 4 Days

Sun BTC Space

World Of Bitcoin

Get Your Bitcoin

Premium Faucet Network


Honey Money


Satoshi Galaxy

More trusted Faucets coming soon!…


What about mining?!

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Bitcoin mining is EXPENSIVE HARDWARE right?

Well, with FaucetHub you don’t need anything but your computer! Their browser miner allows you to join a network of over 2000 users and simply use your CPU to mine hash/s.

You can use as many computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones as you like BUT make sure you are only logged in with one account or risk getting banned by admin!

Do not try funny things because you will be caught and banned.

To activate the miner just go to your dashboard (you have to be logged in) and select “MINING”.

FaucetHub Mining

The amount you earn depends on the amount of computers you use and hash rates you are able to produce.


Are there more ways to earn?!

Yes, you can find many more faucets from their list.

If you become a premium member you will get access to their premium faucets that have even higher claiming rates.

You can complete offer wall tasks and play games like Rambo Bitcoin Dice, Rock Paper Bitcoin and Multi-Coin Lottery.

THE BEST for last…

FaucetHub Chat & Rain

FaucetHub Chat & Rain

As you can see from the screenshot some members are making it rain coins! BLK = Blackcoin.

To get your share all you have to do is participate in the chat room and you will qualify to receive free coins from the rain.

Do not break the rules or you could be banned. Please read the RULES on top of the chat log.

You can also learn commands like sending someone a private message, make it rain and tip members that helped you.

DO NOT SHARE REFERRAL LINKS IN THE CHAT ROOM! You will automatically be banned by the moderators or admin if you caught doing this.

What cryptocurrencies does FaucetHub support?


Bitcoin Cash










Hope this helps you earn free Satoshi in a much more organized way, perhaps you have learned something new and can take advantage of this great opportunity.


Ledger Nano Wallet for Bitcoin



This website is funded by affiliate commissions and the generous donations we receive from our valued readers.

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  1. Tyagoo05

    Nice blog.
    Very informative for the begginers like me.
    Thank you.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Thank you for stopping by, if I can help you out in anyway let me know.


  2. Shawqee

    Thank you so much !
    Your article really helped me to earn free satoshi, When i started i was looking for ways to get free satoshi all over the internet. Finally found this guide and followed it step by step and guess what i feel like i am a PRO now. Thanks once again !

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Shawqee

      Glad it helped you.
      There is always something new and exciting to learn about Satoshi and free Bitcoin opportunities.
      The whole point of pursuing faucets is to avoid risk and the necessity to invest.
      When I first started collecting Satoshi, Bitcoin was around $1800 and now it’s close to $16 000! So it was really worth claiming those small amounts that are now worth nearly ten times more.


  3. singh

    Nice! Great info thank you.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Singh

      It’s a pleasure 🙂

  4. Eduardo

    I can not find Febbit in faucethub

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      That’s because it is not on the list.
      Sending your payment to FaucetHub is just one payment method Febbit uses.


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