How to make 1000 Satoshi in 2 minutes

How to make 1000 Satoshi in 2 minutes

This will all depend on your internet speed and overall navigation but most people will be able to earn the 1000 Satoshi in about 2 minutes.

I have tested it and it took me just over 2 minutes and I was already signed up with Bitcoins For Me prior to completing the task.

If you still need a Bitcoin Wallet get one with LUNO or Coinbase.

First you need to register with BITCOINS FOR ME and verify your email.

Once you are verified login to your Bitcoins For Me account.

From the Dashboard select Offer Wall

Offer Wall

Now select the Wannads offers.

Wannads Offers

Click on Earn Now and you should be directed to the next page that looks something like this:

Wannads Quizz Offers

Now find the General Knowledge Quiz. Unfortunately mine has already vanished from the list after I completed it but yours will be there if this is your first time doing this.

General Knowledge Quiz

There are only 5 questions but you need to get 100% for the Quiz!

If you miss one question then you don’t get the reward so I have found the answers for you below:


Question 1 – Kaffir Lime

Question 2 – Emperor Constantine

Question 3 – Diddy

Question 4 – Gremlins

Question 5 – Cologne


After you finish this quiz you can carry on and do the other ones but those might take longer to complete.

You can find answers to all the quizzes here: OFFER WALL QUIZ ANSWERS

Use the Search Bar to find the quizzes that you need answers for.


Bitcoins For Me pays every Sunday to your FaucetHub account.


My proof of payment:

How to get 1000 Satoshi in 2 minutes

I hope this faucet hack was useful and you can earn a few thousand Satoshi! 😀


If you have questions please feel free to leave a comment below.


We Heart Bitcoin


  1. Amit Ahuja

    nice information… thank you

  2. watney

    how do i find the general knowledge quiz in wannads.mine is not there.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      It might not be available to everyone or depending on your region but sometimes the tasks appear randomly so you can try again later or tomorrow.


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