How to Mine Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash
Inline imageA quick and simple guide to show how to mine Bitcoin Cash.
Please follow the exact instructions below to start your floodgate faucet.
Optional – If you need a new Bitcoin Cash Wallet Address or do not have one yet, you can register with Qoin Pro and generate one.
  • Register and verify your account via email.
  • From your Dashboard go to Wallets and from the drop menu select Receive Addresses.
  • A new page will open where you can create your new address for any currency that is supported by Qoin Pro.


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1. Register with FaucetHub and verify your account via email.
2. Link your new or existing Bitcoin Cash Wallet Address on FaucetHub.
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3. Once your Bitcoin Cash Wallet Address has been linked you can go to the Floodgate Faucet, enter the address you linked on FaucetHub and start mining!
You will receive a small amount of Bitcoin Cash every minute and it will automatically be sent to your FaucetHub account Wallet Balance.
At times the faucet can become overloaded and you need to restart the process. Just click back once or twice and start mining again.
The page needs to remain open to carry on mining.


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Ledger Nano Wallet for Bitcoin
Please feel free to ask questions below in the comment section.


  1. Femi

    Hi, I was try to mine some crytocurrency on the web page you provided but instead of minning I got this message
    NastyHosts Blacklisted You
    Sorry, but your IP address, is flagged by NastyHosts.
    You wonʼt be banned by this faucet just because of this — apart from being redundant, I have no idea if you actually did anything wrong!
    You can contact the owner of this faucet on Faucet Hub and request to be whitelisted through a private message like this: /pm enrique-c Your faucet,, says my IP ( is blocked by NastyHosts. Could I please be whitelisted? Thanks in advance!
    For reference, this is what NastyHosts has to say about you:
    {“status”:200,”asn”:{“asn”:15169,”name”:”GOOGLE – Google LLC, US”},”country”:{“code”:”US”,”country”:”United States”},”hostnames”:[“”],”suggestion”:”deny”}

    So what can I do?.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Femi

      Thanks for reaching out and although I have not had any issues with this, it may be that you are using a VPS or VPN, if you are please turn this off.
      Otherwise you will need to contact the faucet owner or you can log a ticket with FaucetHub.
      Really hope this helps you solve the problem.


  2. Leonardo

    Amazing post. Thanks for sharing the way we can mine bitcoin cash. I’ll definitely give it a try.Thanks

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Glad it helped Leonardo.
      I will be adding more auto floodgate faucets for other altcoins soon.



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