Is Claimwithme a Scam? – How Gullible Could You Possibly Be?

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Claimwithme Mars "Upgrade"If you enjoy Bitcoin Faucets you might have heard of one called Claimwithme and now you wondering if it’s legit or is Claimwithme a scam?

Unfortunately this Bitcoin Faucet is a SCAM!

WEBSITE: Claimwithme

LAUNCHED: June 2017

ABOUT: Claims to be the highest paying Bitcoin Faucet and provides returns that just seem way too good to be true thus getting the attention of those who look to make quick money with little to no effort.

Usually when something sounds or appears too good to be true, it is.


Do not invest in this website because you might never see your money again!

So how does Claimwithme BTC Faucet lure people in?

They claim to be the highest paying Bitcoin Faucet online and offer extremely high ROI (Return on investment).

Are their claims true. Yes, they are most likely the highest paying BTC Faucet online right now with the highest ROI, the problem is you will never be able to withdraw your money and now there is a condition to withdraw! You need to make a investment, minimum 0.005 BTC.


How it works exactly.

You can register for free and start claiming Satoshi at a rate of 3000 Sat per 150 minutes so in one day you can earn 28 800 if your claims are consistent.

At the beginning the minimum withdraw amount was 100 000 Satoshi which would take about 4 days to reach with a 50 000 Satoshi withdraw fee! Supposedly you could withdraw this amount in June 2017 but this changed very quickly. In July 2017 the minimum withdraw amount changed to 500 000 Satoshi and it because compulsory to buy a planet in order to withdraw. The cheapest planet is Mars and costs 0.005 BTC. The most expensive upgrade will cost you a whopping 2 BTC!

What disturbs me is that their claim rate never changes!

So when Bitcoin reached $5000, the claim amounts were the same to what they were in June when the Bitcoin price was about $2600! Now that is very suspicious because all legit faucets will have a BTC price counter or some type of software that will adjust the claims according to the value of the current Bitcoin price. At Claimwithme they just ‘go with the flow’ no matter what the BTC value is.

Ironically their best upgrade planet is called a “Black Hole”! That is exactly what will happen if you invest, your money goes into a black hole which is the scammers account.

Black Hole "Upgrade"













  1. Requires an investment to withdraw. Minimum 0.005 BTC
  2. Had their Adsense account suspended and replaced it with
  3. Banned Facebook account.
  4. You will always get a error when trying to withdraw, this has not been addressed since June/July 2017 by admin, nor do they intend to. It was most likely programmed this way.
  5. Very high withdraw fee (50 000 Satoshi). Probably because they are not connected with a legit micro-wallet like FaucetHub.
  6. HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) which is a type of Ponzi scheme, which promises unsustainable high returns on investment.

A sneaky trick to keep a scam going is to pay a few people at the start so they can share their proof of payment on social media, forums, websites etc. and use it as credibility to refer more members and help this scam grow and gain revenue from it’s victims.

They even encourage users on their homepage to share proofs and give them an incentive when they do. This could also be fake withdraws of course that are created by the scammer. Perhaps some legit payouts are made to a few people to add to the confusion, when some see a few posted proofs they get sucked in as well.


More sources for negative reviews:


It starts on page 1 where the faucet is introduced by the faucet owner. You don’t have to read all 85 pages but there is more than enough information here to conclude that this is nothing but a clever scam operation.


You can use search to find the “claimwithme” thread. It starts out as a promotion and then gradually the complaints start.


It amazes me how many people just throw money at these type of scams and expect to get a high return and then get upset when they can’t withdraw.

You should always investigate FIRST and then consider investing, not the other way around. This way you are actually funding the scam and helping more people loose money to these type of systems.

Many more complaints and negative reviews of people being unable to withdraw can be found on Google.


If you are looking for legit paying faucets you can find them by clicking the banner below and going to STEP 3 in the post.

Legit Bitcoin Faucets

Remember if you don’t understand something, if you would like some help, have feedback or suggestions please add it to the comment section below.

Will assist you to the best of my ability.

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