JSE Coin ICO opening on July 11th 2018

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JSE CoinToday I would like to share some great news on the new upcoming JSE Coin ICO opening on July 11th 2018.

If you look through this website you will notice that this is actually the first time I have ever decided to share and promote an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), given their reputation and the fact that most coins are created to make money and not necessarily intended to truly solve problems.

The very first thing anyone should do before investing into an ICO is RESEARCH!


What is the process of finding out if an ICO is going to be beneficial to you personally or if it’s just another scam?

  1. Read the Whitepaper. You don’t have to understand all the technical terminology but get a good understanding of all the benefits they offer.
  2. Find as much background information as possible about the co-creators of the ICO (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
  3. Check their website stats on ScamAdviser.
  4. Search for YouTube Videos, watch the videos from beginning to end and also read all the comments to get an idea of what questions and concerns are being addressed.
  5. Search Forums like Bitcoin Talk, Bitcoin Garden, Beer Money Forum, CoinDoo and other similar platforms.


What does JSE Coin Offer?

When it comes to monetizing websites most people tend to use AdSense due to it’s overall popularity and reputation but there are many problems, requirements and restrictions associated with this process of monetization, even with similar services like AdMedia. JSE Coin aims to provide an alternative to this system by using surplus CPU power which will result in huge energy and cost savings (Going Green). We will all be forced to use energy saving systems in the near future regardless so why not get use to the idea via JSE Coin.


James Bachini confirmed that the coin will be valued at roughly $0.006 when the ICO is launched.

James Bachini JSE Coin CEO

If Webmasters (like myself) gradually decide to replace AdSense or AdMedia with this system, the JSE Coin will gain value very quickly in my opinion! It has the potential to be worth a lot of money in the near future since most bloggers are constantly looking for alternative methods to monetize their website/s and probably just a matter of time before they come across JSE Coin.

Always remember not to invest what you cannot afford to lose!

Every ICO is a sort of experiment and if the creators have a long term plan, good vision for their company and they are providing a highly sought service, it is very likely the value will gradually increase over time.

You have nothing to lose for joining and you can already start self-mining through their website.

They also have a referral / affiliate program which currently pays 3.5 Coins per registered user. In order to receive your coins instantly your referral must verify their email address before they are allowed full access to the website features.





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