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AIM Homepage ScreenshotSince the beginning of creating this website I have been sharing tips and strategies used to make extra money at home on the internet and the time has come to create a post that would summarize everything, giving you access to all the information from one place.

This article is going to list everything that’s been covered on the AIM website and can be used as a reference for online money making strategies and opportunities you can use to start or grow your online business. It’s always a great idea to bookmark these kind of pages.

Here is the list of pages and articles written since December 2016:

Pages (1)

  1. Getting Started
  2. Create A Website

Affiliate Opportunities

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Ciao
  3. Site Rubix
  4. Jaaxy
  5. BidorBuy

Pages (2)

  1. Elderly & Retired
  2. Buy A Website
  3. Scam Reports
  4. My Online Journey


  1. Wealthy Affiliate Review – 11 Years later and going strong!
  2. Dreamstime Review – Get paid for Your Photos
  3. Amazon Review – The Amazon Affiliate Program is Amazing!
  4. BidorBuy Review – Africa’s largest online marketplace
  5. Ciao Review – Get paid for Your Opinion
  6. Global Test Market Review – A rewarding experience?


  1. The 10:1 Classic – Is this truly a scam?
  2. How to earn extra income using the internet (Part 1)
  3. How to earn extra income using the internet (Part 2)
  4. How to earn extra income using the internet (Part 3)
  5. Creating and Trading Photo Packs For Websites #1
  6. My Online Journey – Entry #1 – How to avoid Negative Feedback
  7. How to start an online Business for free and get support
  8. Multiple streams of income ideas – How failure leads to success
  9. Niche ideas with low competition keywords – Free Niche Booster!
  10. Successful Entrepreneur Tips Online
  11. Honest and Company – The confessions of an entrepreneur
  12. My Online Journey – Entry #2 – Investing in Lego Minifigures
  13. My Online Journey – Entry #3 – Investing in Comic Books (Part 1)
  14. My Online Journey – Entry #4 – Investing in Comic Books (Part 2)
  15. How to dropship and make money quickly – 5 easy steps


You will be able to access this list from the right hand side widget area just under “Recent Posts”.

Initially I started this website to make money (duh), surely there are traces of this here and there but gradually I have learned that helping people is much more fun and rewarding!

A lot of effort goes into creating content and maintaining a website but I highly recommend it to anyone.

Many thanks to Kyle, Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate community for aiding me to get the website this far, it has been an interesting journey!

If you reading this post and you have some suggestions on how I could help you, ideas or constructive criticism for the site, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Will be happy to assist in any way possible ?

Best regards,



  1. stefan vogt

    Hi Kamil
    I like your work here and am sure going to use some of your information. You know a lot and you share with us, that’s great. I’m sure with time you will also be rewarded money wise because I know it is a lot of work you do here.
    Thanks Kamil and see you

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Stefan

      Thank you for your kind words and not sure if I deserve such accolades yet, giving it my best though 🙂
      As you said, it takes a lot of work but it brings so much more rewards then just money, I have met some truly amazing people along this online journey.

      Feel free to use anything you like from the site and I wish you much success Stefan!



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