My Adds Up Scam or Legit?

Is My Adds Up a scam or legit?

So far it’s legit since it is paying members.

They also have a fairly active Facebook Group.

There are a few concerns relating to the owner of the site (Mindy Davis), whether she is a real person or just a avatar someone created to conceal their real identity.

To some people this information doesn’t matter and to others it can be important but as long as the company is paying out that should not be something anyone should dwell or focus on the most.

My Adds Up is a advertising platform that creates the opportunity to earn from ad revenue share. You have to invest at least $1 to be active and get your adverts served every 24 hours.

Some people say it is a advertising platform and others will say it’s a investment. In reality it can be both depending how you look at it or what your earning strategy will be.

You don’t need referrals in this program to go up the earning groups but it is highly recommended you do because you will earn 10% commission from any ad packs they purchase and 5% from their advert clicks each day.

How does it work?

  1. Read the How It Works page very carefully.
  2. Make a deposit to enter a specific earning group. You will need to confirm this via email and copy and paste the transaction ID from where you sent the deposit. You can use Bitcoin, Payeer or Perfect Money.
  3. Once your deposit is verified you can buy ad packs. You will only be served adverts once you have bought your first ad pack. Your adverts will be served within the next 24 hours.

Important to know.

The site runs off BAP (Bonus Ad Points).

Each earning group has a BAP threshold so depending on how many BAP points you have will determine what earning group you fall into.

1 ad pack which costs $1 will give you 3080 BAP.

Keep in mind that each day BAP points get deducted based on what earning group you are in. This information is clearly explained in the How It Works section.

Here is a screenshot of my dashboard, currently in group 6. You need a minimum of 183000 BAP to be in group 6 and your daily earnings will be $4.90 for clicking 20 ads. You can also earn 250 BAP by clicking 5 bonus ads everyday.

How you calculate daily BAP deductions:

Your daily earnings divided by 0.0005 – 100 BAP for admin fees.

So if you are in group 1 your calculation will look like this;

$0.12 divided by 0.0005 – 100 = 340

So in group 1 each day the system will deduct 340 BAP from your account.

You need to buy more ad packs to earn the BAP points required to stay in that earning group.

You can join for free but there really isn’t any benefit from staying a free member, you need at least 1 ad pack to get the adverts served each day.


  1. Shelley-Ann

    I started on group 6 by purchasing $127 adpacks and was earning $4.60 per day and I bought 1 adpack daily, since I started with them. I have been with them for +/- 6 weeks. 6 days ago I noticed that my daily earnings dropped nt half, so I sent Mindy an email and asked her for the reason. She told me I was on group 5, which is completely wrong, I was on group 6, at the start. So why would o go backwards. I replied to her email and 6 days later after emailing everyday, she still has not replied. This does not seem very ethical or fair I am just wondering if they are going to be around for much longer. Am very concerned as I invested plenty in this opportunity.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Shelley-Ann

      This is actually very normal because that is how the system works.
      Everyday the system will deduct a certain amount of BAP depending on what group you are in.
      It wouldn’t make sense to just invest once off and make $4.90 everyday forever.
      You can find this information on the ‘How It Works‘ page.

      1 ad pack per day will not sustain you in group 6 because each day 9800 BAP is deducted and 1 ad pack gives you 3080 BAP so you need to buy 4 ad packs daily and this way you will also start climbing to group 7.

      Hope this makes sense to you now and please feel free to ask any questions and also read the How It Works page.
      Everything is running perfectly on MAU currently.

      Best regards,

      1. Said Ereg

        Thank you, Kamil for clarification

      2. Alberto

        Hi Kamil, I’d like to know if I can withdraw every day the sum promised by every group.
        For example, if I’m in 11 group, will I earn every day 437$, without buying any other ad pack anymore??
        And, will I withdraw every day 437$??

        1. Kamil (Post author)

          Hi Alberto

          In each group you will need to maintain the BAP points because each day BAP is deducted.
          The amount of BAP deducted depends on which group you are in.
          Group 11 is $80.50 a day and you will be able to withdraw $23.48 (profit).
          In Group 12 you will earn $437.50 a day and will be able to withdraw $130.63 (profit).
          These amount are what you will be able to withdraw and sustain yourself in the earning groups.

          The traffic you will be getting for your other offers at this stage will be very significant.

  2. Cyral pakia

    Hi, does it mean I have to have a laptop or computer when it comes to paying for the ad packs since I noticed that I have to copy-paste the transaction ld?

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      My Adds Up is responsive so it works on mobile as well.
      To copy and paste on mobile simply click the link or transaction ID and hold till a drop menu pops up and there will be a option to copy.
      If you still struggling you can Google “how to copy and paste on mobile”.
      Hope that helps.

  3. Ifenna

    1. Must you click up to the designated number of ads for the group before you are paid $1.32 (group 4)each day?
    2. Is it with the money deposited that one uses to buy $1 ads pack per day?
    3. If i start from group 5, kindly tell me my net monthly income.thanks

    1. Kamil (Post author)


      1. Yes you have to click 20 ads a day to receive your earnings, it takes about 10 minutes and the 5 bonus ads are optional but they give you 250 BAP.
      2. You can deposit or use the funds from your cash wallet and repurchase wallet, just click Buy Ads and it will show all your credit.
      3. In group 5 it’s $2.70 a day x 30 = $81

      If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


      1. Albert Maurel

        2,70$/j×30=81$ c’est bien. Mais il reste à revoir le pourcentage des frais de maintenance qui prennent 95%. C’est trop. C’est un super système myaddsup mais y a ce pourcentage qui reste à revoir

        1. Kamil (Post author)

          Je ne sais pas comment vous obtenez 95% mais ce n’est pas si difficile à maintenir, veuillez consulter le tableau des gains.

  4. Jack Nilson

    is it still paying today! because I was working with a similar website named Mydigadds and he was paying all members but not for a long time cause now there is nothing about Mydigadds on the internet. So is MyAdsUp still paying members today ?!
    waiting for your reply Cordially

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Jack
      The site is still paying and growing yes.
      You can join the Facebook group and keep updated as to what is happening in the group.

      Good luck and let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  5. antonio

    how long does it takes from group 6 to group 11? i mean how much days

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Antonio

      This cannot be calculated with 100% accuracy unless you have 0 referrals.
      Since it is unpredictable how much your referrals will earn.
      If you doing it alone then you can do the necessary calculations.
      Tip – Use Excel and basic formulas to do this quickly.

      I started in group 4 with $20 (28th June 2019) and it took me 80 days to get to group 8.
      Only made one withdraw for $20 on day 45 and have been compounding 100% of my earnings since.
      In about three weeks time I should be in group 9.

      So it all depends on your strategy and if you planning to withdraw.
      The less you withdraw the faster you can go up the earning groups.

      Hope this helps.



    I will say its a scam, because Archangel40 – Michael ubah – scam me of some money, my username PINIKI and he is my sponsor, until something is done to him or he returns my money them I will stop to broadcast, by right now its a scam to me. Thank you.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Frank

      Sorry to hear you have been scammed.

      How did your sponsor scam you exactly?
      If it is your sponsor who did this then you should not blame the site or accuse it of being a scam.
      You should report your sponsor to Mindy Davis, send a support ticket on My Adds Up.

      You should always signup under a sponsor you can trust, if not sure ask admin, they can guide you.

  7. ehsanulah33

    I make Myaddsup acount with wrong email address by mistake.
    How I can change email eddress
    Please help me
    I can’t withdraw without changing email

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      You will need to contact support to change your email.
      Go to the site, scroll to the bottom and select Support and open a ticket.
      Replies can take up to 48 hours.

  8. Earner

    They are Scam! They are banning user accounts without any solid reason. I don’t have option here to upload photo proofs otherwise I had uploaded them. Scam!

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      If they are banning people who try to cheat the system, create multiple accounts (sometimes it’s pure ignorance and sometimes it is intentional) and try withdraw other member’s money then good. I doubt anyone that has not broken rules gets banned. If you got banned and it was a mistake you can open a support ticket and wait for admin to help you.

      At the moment admin is very busy dealing with loads of support tickets and the recent security breach so a lot of accounts can also be under scrutiny during this period.
      Perhaps your account is one of them but instead of getting emotional and making accusations, you could try to get this resolved instead.

      You can upload your images here:
      and then please share the screenshots here, maybe I can help you.

  9. Ganiyat12

    Please how long does the payment take before it reflects on an account. I paid my adspack money about 48hrs and my account has not bn credited yet.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Deposits should not take longer than 24 hours but you have to make 100% certain you did everything correctly.
      Check that you copied the transaction ID correctly, check confirmation emails (spam box) etc.
      If you feel you have done everything perfectly on your side then send a support ticket and wait patiently, currently the admin is loaded with support issues so it make take a bit of time.
      Don’t send more than 1 support ticket because the system puts you in the back of the queue.

  10. Maarten

    Hey, Kamil, thank you for your answers. I’m new to Myaddsup and I want to know how to calculate how much I have to invest to maintain the BAP points or a group and at the same time to compound so I can go to the next group. Is there soms mathematical formula or a calculator, so you can calculate when you have to buy an amount of add packs and how much to maintain and go next level. Thank you.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Marteen

      If you read the How It Works page you will find the formula there to work out these calculations.

      In group 5 you making $2.70 a day.
      Divide this by 0.0005 and it will give you 5500 BAP deduction + 100 BAP for admin fee so that is 5600 BAP daily you have to cover in group 5.
      1 ad pack is 3080 BAP so you would have to buy at least 2 ad packs daily to cover the BAP deduction.
      You will see the numbers are not exact and will carry over but using this formula you can do all other necessary calculations.
      Also note that 5% of your earnings go to your sponsor so you will see that small difference being taken from your daily earnings automatically.

      If you have any other questions just post them here.

      Hope it helps.

  11. Maarten

    Ok, thank you very much. So it can take a few months before you are in the next group. That’s long. In which group is it best to start, so you do not have to wait so long before you come in group 11;12 or 13?

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      On average it takes about 30 -40 days to get into the next group, depends if you have referrals or not, it can be faster with referrals.
      It will take a while to get to the higher earning groups but it is worth it to create such an asset.
      If you have money to invest start in the highest group possible, the higher the better.
      How ever I’m not a financial adviser so please don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

      1. Maarten

        Thank you very much for answering me. But will the website not go offline at a certain point, so you loose all your invested money? I want to invest a good amount of money, but is Mindy Davis reliable? Will she warn us before she stops the program? So we can withdraw all our invested money on time?

        1. Kamil (Post author)

          Mindy said the site will run as long as people are buying advertising.
          I don’t think she would just leave us all hanging because she has 2 other websites that have been running for many years.
          If My Adds Up closed out of the blue it will impact the other 2 sites very negatively I think.
          The other 2 sites are and

          1. Maarten

            ok, thank you. I’m in the program now. Can you check my calculation for group 4? I want to go to group 5 and what can I withdraw after investing to sustain and to compound? In my calculation I can’t withdraw anything: I lose 1.32 dollar/.0,0005 +100 BAP.(=2740 BAP) And I lose first 5 percent of 1.32 dollar (=1,25 dollar) and then I can only withdraw 80 percent (=1 dollar), because 20 percent goes to Repurchase Wallet (=25 cent)
            But this 1 dollar, I should be able to withdraw, must be re-invested, to keep my BAP’s so I can stay in Group 4 and make progress. So, I can’t withdraw anything in Group 4. Is my calculation correct? And is this the same with other groups? Thank you for helping me out here.

            Is this a good calculation and is this also true with other groups?

          2. Kamil (Post author)

            Everything is set up in such a way that you can slowly progress up the earning groups, even without any referrals.
            You can accumulate your earnings in such a way that you buy the necessary ad packs to sustain your group level (for every group).
            I would not withdraw till group 6 at least or group 7 if you have no referrals.

            If you earning $1.32 daily that is enough to buy 1 ad pack which gives you 3080 BAP, you can get an additional 250 BAP with the 5 bonus ads.
            Yes your earnings are split 80/20 but once it goes over $1 you will buy back what you lost + extra.

            It all works just fine 🙂

  12. Anthony

    Hi Kamil, thank you for all your efforts trying to get us cleared I want to know if we can withdraw all of our money once without waiting for you points to count down

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      The BAP is deducted daily by the system, that is how the algorithm works to work out the 154%.
      You can withdraw as much as you like from your cash wallet but if you want to earn the same amount each day you will have to sustain yourself in that group by buying ad packs to make sure you have enough BAP. It all makes more sense the longer you stay in the program 🙂

  13. Alphonse

    I want to know how long it will takes me to reach in group 6 if I invest 20$ and the strategies I need to implement so as to reach group 6 faster

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Alphonse

      $20 will put you in group 4, the fastest way to get to group 6 is just to compound all your earnings daily.
      It could maybe take about 6 – 8 weeks.

  14. Indrajit biswas

    Sir, i have completed minimum withdrawal $5 but today it is showing minimum withdrawal is $10 how it has happened..

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Indrajit

      The minimum withdraw has changed due to too many withdraws and this is overloading admin to do these withdraws manually.
      It is better to withdraw once a week then everyday, then people would receive their withdraws much faster.

  15. Richard

    Can you withdraw your capital ?

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      You can withdraw everything in the cash wallet whenever you like.
      The minimum has been been changed recently from $5 to $10 as to many people are requesting payments and it’s causing overload for admin.

  16. peter

    i tried to login and its saying invalid username and password when i have up to a 1000$ in it and i tried to register again with the same email address and the registration was succesful does it mean my account was terminated just like that ? i dont want to believe this is a scam

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      You account was not terminated, there was a security update.
      You can try to enter a space after your password or contact support to assist you.

  17. shane

    HI Kamil,
    Id like to come in at $100 – Which level will this place me on, and how soon will I get to group 13 without referrals?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Shane
      $100 will put you in group 6 very comfortably cause don’t forget about the daily BAP deductions.
      When you buy ad packs you add BAP ($1 = 3080 BAP).

      It would take some calculations but you can refer to the formula below in the comments and work it out.
      The best would be to watch my sponsors video, then you will get a very clear understanding of how it all works.

  18. ADO

    as a starter which package will you advise?

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      I would advise you start in the group you can afford. The higher the better obviously.

  19. Abdullah

    Hi kamil
    I saw a table that explains my addsup e.g daily deductions, daily earnings and I also saw left over after reinvestment (I want to know what this means)
    Cos the amount deducted everyday is more than half of what I make daily

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Abdullah

      The amount deducted is not more than you make, please recalculate then.
      The system works in such a way that you get 154% return on buying ad packs.
      Please watch this Video:

  20. Abdullah

    Is myaddsup a ponzi scheme

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      How can it be a ponzi-scheme if you getting advertising for your money?
      You buying a product and the extra money you make is a bonus.

      If you go to a shop and buy a drink, do you then go outside finish the drink, go back inside the shop and ask for a refund + 54% on top?

  21. Abdulllah

    Thank you very much for your answer kamil
    I really appreciate what you are doing here helping us understand better
    May God bless you


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