My Adds Up Scam or Legit?

Is My Adds Up a scam or legit?

So far it’s legit since it is paying members.

They also have a fairly active Facebook Group.

There are a few concerns relating to the owner of the site (Mindy Davis), whether she is a real person or just a avatar someone created to conceal their real identity.

To some people this information doesn’t matter and to others it can be important but as long as the company is paying out that should not be something anyone should dwell or focus on the most.

My Adds Up is a advertising platform that creates the opportunity to earn from ad revenue share. You have to invest at least $1 to be active and get your adverts served every 24 hours.

Some people say it is a advertising platform and others will say it’s a investment. In reality it can be both depending how you look at it or what your earning strategy will be.

You don’t need referrals in this program to go up the earning groups but it is highly recommended you do because you will earn 10% commission from any ad packs they purchase and 5% from their advert clicks each day.

How does it work?

  1. Read the How It Works page very carefully.
  2. Make a deposit to enter a specific earning group. You will need to confirm this via email and copy and paste the transaction ID from where you sent the deposit. You can use Bitcoin, Payeer or Perfect Money.
  3. Once your deposit is verified you can buy ad packs. You will only be served adverts once you have bought your first ad pack. Your adverts will be served within the next 24 hours.

Important to know.

The site runs off BAP (Bonus Ad Points).

Each earning group has a BAP threshold so depending on how many BAP points you have will determine what earning group you fall into.

1 ad pack which costs $1 will give you 3080 BAP.

Keep in mind that each day BAP points get deducted based on what earning group you are in. This information is clearly explained in the How It Works section.

Here is a screenshot of my dashboard, currently in group 6. You need a minimum of 183000 BAP to be in group 6 and your daily earnings will be $4.90 for clicking 20 ads. You can also earn 250 BAP by clicking 5 bonus ads everyday.

How you calculate daily BAP deductions:

Your daily earnings divided by 0.0005 – 100 BAP for admin fees.

So if you are in group 1 your calculation will look like this;

$0.12 divided by 0.0005 – 100 = 340

So in group 1 each day the system will deduct 340 BAP from your account.

You need to buy more ad packs to earn the BAP points required to stay in that earning group.

You can join for free but there really isn’t any benefit from staying a free member, you need at least 1 ad pack to get the adverts served each day.


  1. Shelley-Ann

    I started on group 6 by purchasing $127 adpacks and was earning $4.60 per day and I bought 1 adpack daily, since I started with them. I have been with them for +/- 6 weeks. 6 days ago I noticed that my daily earnings dropped nt half, so I sent Mindy an email and asked her for the reason. She told me I was on group 5, which is completely wrong, I was on group 6, at the start. So why would o go backwards. I replied to her email and 6 days later after emailing everyday, she still has not replied. This does not seem very ethical or fair I am just wondering if they are going to be around for much longer. Am very concerned as I invested plenty in this opportunity.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Shelley-Ann

      This is actually very normal because that is how the system works.
      Everyday the system will deduct a certain amount of BAP depending on what group you are in.
      It wouldn’t make sense to just invest once off and make $4.90 everyday forever.
      You can find this information on the ‘How It Works‘ page.

      1 ad pack per day will not sustain you in group 6 because each day 9800 BAP is deducted and 1 ad pack gives you 3080 BAP so you need to buy 4 ad packs daily and this way you will also start climbing to group 7.

      Hope this makes sense to you now and please feel free to ask any questions and also read the How It Works page.
      Everything is running perfectly on MAU currently.

      Best regards,


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