My Online Journey

This is the spot where I am going to just “lay it down” and whatever you like to perceive that as, you are very welcome and entitled to your opinion. In fact I am going to leave the comment section open here for people to share their success stories, online experiences (good and bad), to vent and cry or complain about me so I can improve.

Mainly I am going to discuss topics off the top of my head in a form of journal entries that you can follow in the sub menu.

I will aim to add tips and helpful content in these journal entries but mainly its about sharing experiences.

This might not be exactly the kind of blog you use to reading because its going to be personal and connotation orientated, a spot where I speak my mind. This is the beauty of owning a website.

What worked and works for me, might not necessarily work for you so please remember I am not delegating advice on this blog but sharing my experience and opinion with you. I may talk about controversial things that might not necessarily relate to online business, marketing or making money but this is what’s going to make it interesting and unpredictable. If you can handle that, you will enjoy this blog and hopefully learn a thing or two 🙂



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