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Niche Booster - Low QSR KeywordsIf you just started out creating your own niche business online then this post is going to help you come up with some ideas and boost your Google ranking.

You might already have a niche in mind but I am going to go a step further here and furnish you with low QSR (Quoted Search Results) keywords, which in plain English means low competition words you can use to attract traffic to your website.

If you use the keywords I provide you with to write articles in your given niche, you will rank higher with Google much quicker.

Would you like that?

Super, lets get started then 🙂

How is this post going to help you exactly?

  1. Give you ideas for a niche if you don’t already have one.
  2. The keywords I provide you with will have good search results and active monthly traffic (once ranked).
  3. The QSR (your competition) will be low or within a recommended bracket.
  4. Provide ‘article power’ rank stats, the higher the rank the more Google wants articles written based on these keywords.
  5. We going to ignore PPC (Pay per click) for now so please don’t worry about this statistics column for now nor the Dig column.
  6. Give you the option of buying low competition keywords if you short on time to find them yourself or you not quite sure how to do it yet.

If you new to all this and not 100{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911} sure how it all works at this point, please don’t fret. I assure you this is very easy to grasp given enough time to learn. You can trust that the keywords I provide here will rank well once you have an established authority website. If you more experienced and know exactly what is going on here, you will enjoy using these hand picked keywords and can skip the intro ‘chit-ti chit chat’ hehe.

Any experienced blogger will understand that using the right keywords in the title and first paragraph is a fundamental aspect of reaching an audience. When it is done correctly it results in heaps of traffic to their website and traffic produces conversions (sales).

Overtime I will update this post with more niche ideas supported with low QSR keywords. I would literally be able to search keywords for the rest of my life, seriously.

If you wondering how I get these keywords, its very simple. If you a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate you will have free access to an awesome SEO assistant called “Keyword Tool” which helps you find all these statistics that help you determine which keywords to use and which words to avoid! You don’t want to end up writing articles using “keywords” that have a QSR of 500! No one will find you, your rank will suffer and as a result you will have little traffic, if any at all.

Some Basics First.

Always remember that focusing on keywords is something you want to do AFTER you have a well established website in place, like your framework and some content. I had about 10 Pages and 12 posts before I began using keywords. If you start your first page or post with keywords, Google might pick this up and instead of ranking high, you might be penalized instead. Engage first and get comments on your site, how many comments? At least 50. Then you can focus on keywords.

The first image in this article illustrates the keyword tool with the statistics that pop up when you type the word “niche” into the search tab.

You will see the following columns listed: Keyword, Searches, Traffic, Competition and Article Power. We going to ignore PPC and Dig. I’m briefly going to discuss what these statistics determine about your keywords.

Looking for KeywordsKeyword – Ultimately we want to find LHF (low hanging fruit) keywords, meaning there won’t be much competition when someone looks for them in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. This way your posts will show up on page one or two most likely. Depending how low the QSR will be.

Guess what the QSR is for the word “niche”?!



Yes, 98.

This is well within the recommended QSR bracket considering the other statistics so any article / post you write containing the word niche in it will have fairly low competition! Cool huh? 😀

Now here is something even COOLER!… Monthly traffic is 7332!!!

Free traffic to your website! Now all those numbers won’t be hits on your website but you will surely get a small portion, even 1{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911} or 2{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911} of that will be nice traffic.

Even though the article power is only 6.2 there is still great potential here overall.

How can you do this yourself and start sending free traffic to your website?

Join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to use this awesome web tool!

Searches – This is how many times a month people search the keyword or keyword phrase, simple.

Traffic – This is how many times a month the keywords that are searched are clicked, where someone is actually accessing the website. The more the better.

Competition – A lot has been mentioned about QSR in this article so you should already have a fairly good grasp of what this means. You want it to be the lowest number possible (same principal as a golf handicap) so that ultimately you have hardly any competition and… POP! Page one Google rank.

Article Power – Personally I don’t want to use anything under the rating of 7 because I assume the Google algorithm is going to pick it up and if the article power rating is low you not going to get ranked well or as well. Which is why I find it VITAL to have this keyword tool if you planning to build a long term authority site. If you have to guess keywords, it could take 5 years to get a post ranked. No no no… rather use the keyword tool, thank you.

If you learn and understand this concept, you will have a HUGE advantage in the online business world! You don’t have to be a “Guru”, you don’t have to have a degree or experience. You ONLY have to be a diligent student and take action, baby steps. Capisce?

Super then.

That covers the basics I hope cause we getting to the exciting part now!



The first keyword phrase I will show you is from this very article. I already showed you the first word “niche”.

Now we going to take the first 2 words “niche ideas” and check the results…

Niche Booster - Low QSR Keywords

The QSR (Competition) is 378, the reason its not visible is because I have to click it manually from the other window. If I take a separate snip shot of that, it will look like this:

QSR Results - Niche ideas

Quick Analysis – The results here are not great at all, 378 is way to high in my opinion. The article power is below 7 and the traffic is not even worth it.

However, look what happens when we add the word “with” to the other two words:

Keywords - Niche ideas with

The QSR is now 49, the article power is above a rating of 7 and there is a small trickle of traffic.

There is a fine balance here as you can see. Each word will change things and so will grammar, make sure you use correct grammar when using keywords. It doesn’t have to be 100{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911} perfect but you want to check how it impacts the search results at least.

Well, I did kind of promise so here you are, some free LHF vegetarian friendly diet, its on the house 🙂

Keywords List

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.


“I don’t have the time to search for keywords in my niche!”

Low QSR keywords with high amounts of traffic are not that simple to find and can take time to acquire, depending on the niche.

If you one of those individuals who have very little time to spare, I have created a gig on Fiverr to assist you with this process.

Click this action button below to access my three different offers.

Get keywords for your niche

Feel free to use these keywords, check them out, verify them, see if they work for you, play around by swapping or adding words to the phrases.

Suggestions for more keywords are welcome through the comment section below.

You can also contact me ( and I will personally find you a powerful keyword for your niche.

I hope this has helped you in some way to understand keywords better and how important it is to use them once your website is established, to generate consistent traffic.

Please feel free to comment bellow if you have questions, requests for keywords, concerns or any feedback. I will be happy to assist in any way possible ?

Best regards,



  1. Robert Allan

    Hello Kamil
    A very good run down on keywords and how to get the very best ones.
    I personally use more than one keyword tool then switch over to Google’s Keyword Planner and it works out pretty well.
    I also use the Low Hanging Fruit trick and its surprising just how many keywords you can find with huge amounts of traffic but very low competition.
    I will be coming back to see future articles.
    Robert Allan

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Robert

      Thank you for visiting.

      I would also recommend Jaaxy to anyone who wants to find their keywords fast! The Jaaxy tool has a function where you can view the entire QSR column instead of manually clicking them one by one like the free tool on WA but for me its good enough and people always complain about ‘up sales’ so promoting a free tool that works perfectly fine always comes handy. I must try out Google keyword planner, thanks for the tip 😉

      If you would like me to find you some powerful low competition keywords for your niche please feel free to contact me via support. Always happy to assist.



  2. Blackiecharm

    Hey Kambas
    I recently became interested in affiliate income marketing and I’ve done lots of reading about earning income online.

    I found answers to lots of my questions on this site. One of them was about online scams. My suspicions were laid to rest quite a while ago, but the article posted here verified my conclusions that this program is good.

    I found so much information under every heading, and plan to apply some of it right away,

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Blackie

      Glad you found some helpful information. Its exactly why I started this website, to provide only legit and tested opportunities and to expose the fraudsters, in some cases help to find them.

      If you ever need assistance please feel free to contact me directly 😉




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