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Are you tired of trying to qualify for surveys and getting nowhere?

You can find the latest paying tasks right here on the AIM Offer Wall.

All offers here are listed for most (95%) international users with exception to some countries which may be restricted.

Some of these task will be very easy and straight forward, some tasks will be fun, some challenging and others are very unique and exclusive to AIM.

If you struggle to complete a task or have any doubts you can move onto an easier task or please leave a comment below and ask for help.

There will also be competitions where you can win instant payouts directly to your Bitcoin Wallet, FaucetHub Account or PayPal so please bookmark this page for your convenience.

This page will be updated as often as needed or when new tasks become available.

Please keep in mind some tasks will be limited and can be removed without prior notice and so will the task rewards as Bitcoin is very volatile (up and down).

Please share this page on social media to support this effort and to make more offers available.


Hive Offers - Work from home



12000 Satoshi



BMF Homepage


3000 Satoshi

Step 1

Register here.

Verify your email.


Step 2

Get involved within the BMF community and complete 100 comments.

This is fairly simple since there are multiple topics to converse about and you will also be paid $0.02 per comment on your Beer Money Forum account!

100 comments = $2 and you will get an additional 3500 Satoshi.

Be genuine and don’t write pointless comments just for the sake of getting coins. The admin is very sharp and will pick up on any unusual activity.


Once Step 2 is complete please send me a message on Beer Money Forum or simply leave a comment below with your BMF username.

Your 3500 Satoshi will be sent manually to your FaucetHub account or directly to your Bitcoin Wallet.



You don’t have to stop at 100 comments and can use this platform to gain a great amount of knowledge about earning strategies online and earn while making comments.



BidorBuy Homepage


20000 Satoshi

Step 1

Subscribe to our newsletter.

It will usually appear in the middle of any page or post you visit. If you have already dismissed it then bookmark this page, close the window and reopen.

Step 2

Wait to receive a email invitation from BidorBuy and register.

Purchase our Cryptocurrency e-Book for just R15 ($1.15). You can pay with PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit Card or many other payment options are available.


Step 3

Wait to receive a confirmation email from us that we received your order and you will be asked to provide your BidorBuy username.

You will also receive a copy of my first cryptocurrency e-Book “How to earn free Satoshi”.


Payment for this task will be slightly delayed to allow funds to be transferred first, this should not take longer than 3-5 working days.



AIM Homepage


50 Satoshi

Step 1

You must be a FaucetHub User to receive payment for this task.

Skip Step 1 if you already have a FaucetHub account.


Step 2

Share our website on your Facebook page with your own original introduction…

Something like “AIM is a great site where you can earn from completing unique tasks and learn about Bitcoin” or

“Complete offers on AIM and earn Bitcoin”.


Step 3

Paste the link (your timeline) where you shared our site in the comment section when you done.





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