Scam Reports

Here we are going to discuss all kinds of online scams.

Personally I have encountered many and to this day they still arrive in my spam folders and sometimes they get through to the inbox, one REALLY has to be careful these days. I am going to present screen shots of the most recent ones from my mail and post them here for discussion for the online community. Collectively we can help potential victims from getting conned in the future.

Before I get started I just wanted to address the fact that many people who have fallen victim to online scams are likely to be very reluctant or skeptical about staring new opportunities. There are so many that if you don’t find the right one you can end up exhausted running through the digital con pits. Do not feel discouraged because there are excellent, lucrative and legitimate opportunities out there.

Lets get started…


Screenshot 01:

(To increase the size hold Ctrl on your keyboard and use the mouse scroll to enlarge the text).

With this particular email scam the user decided to try justify as to why one would be receiving such a reward if they didn’t even enter any competition…

Screenshot 02:

There are many signs and red flags that this is a scam.

  • The email address is not associated with any legally registered company.
  • There are many grammar mistakes.
  • The title Mrs. is an odd approach because usually legit representatives just use their name so instead “Jennifer Larry”. You might find many Jennifer Larry’s on Facebook but none of them will be associated with “UK LOTTERY ORGANIZATION” as this is a fake company, shell at best so these are big red flags. The UK Lottery is just called “National Lottery” in the UK. Research always helps.
  • The clever ones usually hide their ip address which can be used to track their location however this particular user did not bother to hide their ip address or failed to do so thus can now be reported to the right authorities. Either through yahoo where I received the email, simply select the spam arrow and from the drop-list you can choose “Report a Phishing Scam” or using this link

On to the next case…

2. I WILL GIVE YOU 30{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911}

Screenshot 01:

(To increase the size hold Ctrl on your keyboard and use the mouse scroll to enlarge the text).

Since this user has neglected to block their ip address I would like to show you just how easy it is to find the location of where the scam is being sent from. After tracking the ip address ( on we find the location is in the US, Kansas, we even got the gps co-ordinates, Latitude:37.751 (37° 45′ 3.60″ N) Longitude:-97.822 (97° 49′ 19.20″ W). It shows a position on the lake so this would still fall under further investigation. There is a possibility the person stays near by and goes onto a boat and uses a laptop, I know this is a far reach but its just a possible example. It could be a hacked ip address, you can never be sure however there is always an electronic trail and there are ways of finding these perpetrators.

If you using yahoo this is also quite easy;

  1. If you on the mail page go to your inbox or spam folder and open the scam email.
  2. Just above the email text you will see options like Move, Delete, More with drop down arrows next to them, click more and when the drop menu comes down click “View Raw Message”.
  3. This will open a new tab and expose the ip address if the user has not taken measures to hide it.

I’m only going to present this once because you can now check this yourself and I would like to try present diverse aids throughout this blog / post and not have to repeat any to prevent spam. Please don’t forget you can leave a comment if you want help or you want to ask a question, I will answer you to the best of my ability. There are probably millions of us who have encountered scams, have been scammed or will be scammed. Lets make an effort together by informing each other and taking action, we can reduce the victims and discourage the criminals.

Lets move on…

3. Good News !!! Kindly download attached file for payment

Screenshot 01:

(To increase the size hold Ctrl on your keyboard and use the mouse scroll to enlarge the text).

This one comes with a warning tag from yahoo, the ip address was exposed once again (, see if you can track this one down.

Never open these! Your email provider security should pick up this malware but in case it doesn’t you need to recognize the red flags at the very least so lets go through them.

  • The email address reeks of suspicion ( Do not contact this flagged email address! instead add it to your blacklist.
  • The subject line refers to a payment but what payment? Do not let your curiosity get the better of you because you will only end up “winning” data harvesting malware on your computer leaving you exposed. The malware can pickup your account passwords, credit card details and other private information then sends it back to the perpetrator.
  • This person is quite aggressive with his/her approach because its very direct, to the point, no introduction or text in the email (red flag) and if you research the company Financial Intelligence Centre they actually exist ( but do not be fooled! This person simply found an existing company and is fraudulently using their details so when they get caught this company may press charges.

Think we can move on to the next case…

4. Pending Payment Notification

Screenshot 01:

(To increase the size hold Ctrl on your keyboard and use the mouse scroll to enlarge the text).

This is a very common one scammers use because it works believe or not and once they get your account details and password they will take everything you have in minutes, possibly seconds. There is one disturbing aspect here and that is the email address! I’m not 100{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911} sure how he/she can use a reserved email address for the bank, perhaps the online community can help? This is a South African bank.

  • There is a grammar error and Standard Bank would never sign off “Helpful Banking”.

The thing that makes me certain this is a scam is because I do not have a Standard Bank account! and the ip address ( is located in Japan! Oops 🙂

Another one bites the dust…

5. Customer Delivery

Oh how nice… really?! ^^,

Screenshot 01:

(To increase the size hold Ctrl on your keyboard and use the mouse scroll to enlarge the text).

  • There are grammar errors all over the place here and its our “old friend” from Kansas! ip (

Nice of them to drop another scam into my spam box, instead of working hard earning a legitimate living they are working hard at getting themselves into jail.

  • The urgency technique is used here and ends up setting off another red flag.

There was more to this email but I’m not going to bother adding the rest in to waste the readers time, I think you get the idea here. You are going to send money for a parcel that doesn’t exist. Don’t get conned by these.

Next up we have a doozy from the Douglas area in South Africa!…

6. Payment Copy

Screenshot 01:

(To increase the size hold Ctrl on your keyboard and use the mouse scroll to enlarge the text).

My system immediately picks this up as malware so “Mr. Botes” wants my details, he wants me to download this infectious little zip file so he can soak up my account passwords and credit card details etc… naughty naughty! and he cannot even respect himself enough to cap “Botes”. Aag nieman Charl, wat maak jy? Surely that cellphone (+27 082 322 1755) is blacklisted by now? If anyone gets a hold of him by some miracle please drop a comment won’t you ^^,

First National Bank would not be impressed if they knew this person was using their name for illegal conduct. We know how the banks are right?!

Lets not spare them your ip address ( just in case they stumble across this blog / page and curious what you up to.

So next we have… Something QUITE EXCITING FOR A CHANGE!!! 😀

I don’t want you to be bored because this can be quite a tedious subject and scrolling through all these scams can get depressing.

Though I would not quite call the next entry a scam, not entirely but I want to discuss this because it comes up A LOT!

GAMBLING (Lucky entry number 7)

It seems everyone wants their piece of the pie when they hear about an “easy” method someone is using to get RICH FAST!

Have you done it? I did it. Did you get rich fast? I didn’t but also pulled out and I will tell you why by the end of this post.

A lot of people have seen these kind of adverts right? It doesn’t mean that all of them refer to gambling but a lot of them do.

They use a very simple system that increases their odds at winning small amounts of money but regularly. You can also do it with larger amounts but this imposes more risk.

Before I give an example of how this works, I would just like to STRESS THIS very important warning! Do not go gambling online, it should be illegal just like smoking and drinking BUT someone is making too much money in these industries and making sure they can exist.

Once you go through the schlep of setting up an account for some online casino and have a credit card you find a game you comfortable with and start playing.

Lets take Black Jack 21 for this example…

You open the game and have deposited $500 into your account as credit to gamble with but this is your REAL money so when you loose it or even some of it you feel like you want to throw up just a little.

You hesitant cause its your first bet so you put down $1 and get a 15… s&*{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911}! So you hit and get a 8… 23, BUST! Sigh, you knew it could go like this but you confident still because you have a $499 kitty and a clever way of getting back that dollar you just lost, aha!

Your next bet is $2 and this time you get a 13… seriously?! Hit, picture (10)! 23, BUST

Well, this is for real money now so you see how it goes if you come and put money down on a strangers table.

Lets not get depressed just yet and put down $4 because that is how the system works… do you see how it works yet? Lets go on.

The virtual dealer gives you another hand and this time it looks promising, 20. Problem is the dealer has an Ace but you not going to hit a 20 are you?

Dealer hits and its a 7, he has to stay on 18! Phew, finally you won a hand and your kitty is now $501 if you doing the math on the side.

Well, not bad after about 5 minutes you earned your first $1 and now you ready to increase the pace.

Every time you loose a bet you double it until you win your first initial bet, get it? Super 🙂

So now that you know how the system works you can imagine all sorts of possibilities and you now realize you have the “upper hand” on the casino… but do you really?

Lets apply some common sense and see:

  • If this system was full proof there would be enough people by now that would have bankrupted the casinos and there would be none left to gamble with.
  • Casinos (online and land based) are very well aware of this old trick and have cleverly put limits / restrictions on tables to avoid giving you to many chances, in this case ‘hands in a row’ to get to much of an advantage over them. So the table limit might be $500 lets say. So lets do a quick breakdown of how this would work. The bets would be as follows; $1 / $2 / $4 / $8 / $16 / $32 / $64 / $128 / $256 – Limit! If you loose 8 hands in a row (which is possible on an odd or rare occasion) then you loose just over half your money, you can risk trying to get most of it back but if you only had $500 to start with you would only have 7 chances. What if you lost another hand in a row and just one more after that? Broke.
  • If we do some more math and estimate $1 every 5 minutes we get $12 per hour. Yes I understand we can make bigger bets but we using these numbers to be more safe, trust me because I have done this. Don’t forget the table limit is $500 so if you put down $50 you will have 3 chances to win, you taking a massive risk if you break the system rules! Even placing $2 is a violation of the ‘double up when loose’ rule because you cutting your own chances of winning. So if I work 8 hours a day (and I did) I get $96 per day so $1920 per month if you working 5 days a week. Not bad but it’s not going to buy a Ferrari in 2 weeks, not even in 2 years because this is only enough money to live off, eat and pay the bills (2 adults + 1 child)… and the rest?
  • Could you just go to a car show or a rich neighborhood and find a Ferrari or Porsche to stand next to and let a friend take a picture? Then could you post it online with an advert saying “I got rich fast in 2 weeks, want to see how I did it? Send me $20 and I’ll show you”. Then you send them a long draggy PDF that eventually explains to double up when they loose at a casino. See what I mean, if the car is theirs, that is most likely how they do it, scam you $20 and you end up schlepping $12 p/h!
  • Maybe you end up fortunate, I understand there are exceptions, there are probably a few who did it and got pretty wealthy… YAY for them! Are you going to take that risk? Hopefully not.


For those who are looking for a REAL and legit opportunity, are willing to build their own business, brand and website like AIM did then sign up with Wealthy Affiliate today and you will definitely not be disappointed! Realistically you can earn $1000 – $3000 pm after about 3 months into the course according to the supportive WA community, after that you can determine your own working hours and salary, you will be your own boss and direct your own life and you will never have to worry about gambling or SCAMS! 😉

Please feel free to post comments and questions!

Best regards,






  1. ClaireW

    Hi Kamil
    Honestly, I’ve seen more than my fair share of those scam/spam e-mails. Absolute sharks they are! Thanks for that helpful tip about the IP address. I never knew that, and it is certainly a good thing to check out if ever required again. Keep those scam posts coming, I look forward to the next one! 🙂 All the best, Claire

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Thanks for dropping by Calire 😉

      I will definitely be posting more helpful tips in the future. Keep vigilant and if you see someone using the internet take a short moment to warn them about this.

      Best regards,


  2. Ralph

    I have always wanted to start an online business, but for the very same reasons you speak of is why I have always been afraid to. But it seems wealthy affiliate is anything but that. Seems they are more about helping you build an online business and not sell you fast money. Will definitely look into this more. Thanks!

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Ralph,

      Thanks for stopping by 😉

      It is a minefield out there and that is why I have decided to go in, pick some of them out and put flags next to the ones I find so others can walk through. If you start with Wealthy Affiliate you will definitely not regret it, the support is fantastic.

      Feel free to drop by anytime if you have questions or want to expose a scam.

      Best regards,


  3. Daniel

    I think it is really a good idea of you to warn against these scams and, above all, to show the procedure. I hope people understand your warning, even if they register for other things. In any case, you are doing a good job to hopefully help many other people. Wishing you all the best!

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Daniel.

      It really is a full time job exposing the scams that catch people everyday. We have to all be vigilant and when we find a scam expose it and tell others to create awareness. Imagine that sinking feeling when you log into your online bank account and its $0.00!

      Take care,


  4. Norman

    Many scams are out there and we ought to be careful before me take the leap because many dishonest people are out there who are waiting to take your hard earn money by promising you the world saying that if you purchase their system you can make thousands and thousands of dollars with little effort and the sad thing is many people have fallen to this trap. So it is good to do your home work before you take the jump.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment Norman.

      Research is the key word here 🙂

      Best regards,


  5. Vlad

    You know, I actually knew most of the stuff that you wrote here.
    Many people online try to scam you everywhere, so it only becomes natural for you to search for a pattern

    I did not, however, know that these people could have been reported to any type of authority so openly.
    So thanks for that!

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Vlad

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, we should report them because if we don’t they carry on and become better at what they do and end up scamming more victims.

      It seems like you have the right approach already but sometime you might notice that “common sense” is not that common 🙂

      Kind regards,


  6. Chris

    I seem to get the second example you cover in my mail box more and more often these days – it seems to be the flavor of the month. Sometimes its a businessman that needs help shifting funds, another time it’s a prince that needs help to get out of his country with all his money (seriously – I’ve had that one a couple of times now!). I’m super-surprised that people actually fall for this sort of thing, still!

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Yes its sad people will fall for this still and that’s why its so important to keep exposing these scammers.

      Thanks for your comment Chris.




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