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Social Media ButtonsThe necessity of sharing your social media links and profiles these days can be vital for your online business!

Share Your Social Media Links Here!” is a concept I have learned by taking courses at Wealthy Affiliate and from my recent social media experiments I noticed this is one of the best ways to increase traffic for free.

Likewise when you sharing posts or a blog on your website or channel via social media, these efforts can also be rewarding. So it works both ways.

You never know the long term effects of sharing because even months or years after you left your digital trail behind, someone is bound to pick it up and follow.

In this post you can leave your Social Media links in the comment section and have like-minded people view your profiles and connect.

Who knows who you can meet along the way 🙂

The idea is to use this platform post on a daily or weekly basis and connect with as many people that are in your field or that you personally find interesting to follow.

I don’t think any of us have a profile for ALL the social media platforms that are out there, do they? Keeping that in mind, please be respectful and understand this is a obligation free activity and no one should feel pressured into creating accounts they don’t feel comfortable with or decided they already have too many.

There is a widget icon you can click on the right hand side for your convenience, to bring you to this page from our homepage.

It looks like this:

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If you on tablet or mobile it might not be lined up but it’s there and you can access it from the homepage anytime.

Alternatively you can bookmark this page for future use and reference, if you plan to use this free beneficial service.

What are the benefits of being part of this new network?

  • Find new contacts daily (once the platform is developed).
  • Receive more views and traffic to your website, channel, posts and blogs.
  • Discover new opportunities and make a few friends. 🙂
  • Learn new skills and get access to free training.
  • Get advice on how to use other social networks effectively.
  • Find a job.
  • Become part of Comment Club and receive high quality comments on your site, channel, posts and blogs.

Comment Club Logo

Currently we are working on a project called Comment Club. For now this is just a sample page but later this will be integrated into AIM as a service. The idea behind Comment Club is to have a community of members that will support one another by giving specific high quality comments on their websites.

You will be able to contact people you meet here and ask them (through a messaging system) to give specific comments on your website or social media posts / blogs. You can return the favor but we will work out a point system that will be fair for everyone.

Give a comment to receive a comment principal.

The service will be free until it is required for us to hire staff to manage the comment moderation and other administration duties.

Considering the work and effort that goes into setting this up and maintaining a smooth site we are going to require some type of funding, sponsoring and as a last resort we might have to charge a SMALL membership fee. Perhaps it will be a once off payment but we will confirm this closer to the release date. This project will take time but I will be giving a progress update on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile. For now please settle for the simple version (comments) ^^,

If you have a website or involved with any kind of content marketing you will know that comments are like gold and can have a very positive effect on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and rank if they are relevant quality comments.

That will be our focus, submitting HIGH QUALITY COMMENTS to websites, channels, social media posts and blogs, to help them grow and rank better.

SEO Rank & Views

Who knows, we might sell shares to the public one day if this idea develops well but let me NOT get too cocky 😀

This is an example of what your comment should look like so you can get the full benefits, short term and long term.

Firstly be polite, introduce yourself by name or nickname and consider all comments will go through moderation before appearing in this post.

Mention the field you are in or your interests and hobbies. Like Business Management or Cooking, Gardening, Writing, Photography, Wild Life, Marketing, Sports, Games, Entertainment, Programming, IT, Technology, Medicine, Hiking & Camping, Fishing, Traveling, Retail, Exercise, Origami or any other niche, brand, product or service you are promoting.


Hi, my name is Kamil

My interests are: Business Development, Marketing, Helping Others, Music (Composing), Writing, Psychology, Reading, Researching and Lego.

Social Media Links:

Google Plus

Wealthy Affiliate 



My Website:

Currently working extremely hard at building my business ventures, networks and creating more opportunities for those who are searching.

Look forward to connecting with you! 😉

Best regards.


That is it. You can write a longer testimonial or add more info but NO PROMOTION LINKS PLEASE, only social media links and 1 website link will be approved.

Strictly no vile, pornographic or inappropriate material please!

You may want to specify things like:

“I am currently looking for work in the ……. field”.

I would highly advise you to join LinkedIn and complete a full profile (CV), if you looking for a job.

“I want to connect with someone to help me with a project”.

“I need or would like a mentor please”.

“I have the following skills …. ….. ……, can someone please hire me part-time or full-time”.

“I am looking for investors or someone to collaborate with”.

“I need a ….. professional! Not a self proclaimed guru”.

“I need help with ….. please”.

This is your opportunity to leave behind digital breadcrumbs and get your “STUFF” out there so take action for your own benefit and please join our AIM community today by leaving your name, details, links and message or plea below and remember to visit often, connect with others.

Sharing is caring 🙂

Please know I will help you to the best of my ability and when time permits!

If you do not wish to leave any details or links please feel free to leave a comment anyway. You might have questions or suggestions… I would love to hear you out.

Best regards,



  1. Linda Frankson

    Hi, Kamil I absolutely impressed with this idea and support you in your work. I will be bookmarking it for future use.

    My website is a bit different from the concept of a healthy life style. I agree that people need help to overcome the challenges that we have in our society we live into combating pollution that is in our water, in our air, we breathe, our food chain, and prescription drugs. I believe that there is a better way that mother nature has provided use from the beginning of time.

    This is a hard subject to cover because we are not all make out of the same cloth. If I can through my own experience help others then I have accomplished much.The site is in it beginning stages and as I go down the road I hope to improve on it with the help and suggestions from others.

    Always a better way’
    sending blessings your way.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Linda

      Thanks for stopping by, hope this will be one of many shares to come! ^^,
      It sounds very useful Linda, the world is polluted really badly and we need to start undoing all the damage.

      What specifically are you writing about on your site? To give people an idea what kind of information they can read.
      You are welcome to share your social media links if you have any, this will help you get more traffic to your posts.

      Thank you for sharing Linda, I will be paying a visit when time permits 😉

      All the best,

  2. Linda Frankson

    Hi, Kamil, my thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I know what you mean by time permits. has been posted on my last comment don’t know why it doesn’t show as a link.

    Down through time, I have come in contact with acupuncture, Presurepunture, EFT (emotional healing technique), Kinesiology commonly known as Muscle testing. all work on our internal electrical system. Showing us that your bodies have a great capacity for healing itself, far beyond modern medicine. I use my own experiences not that of others. By telling my own story I hope to reach others.

    always a better way

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Linda

      No problem, will always answer as quickly as possible.

      I fixed the link for you. The reason it doesn’t show is because it was written without a “www.” or “https://” in front of the web address.
      I just copied and pasted your website url so it shows now and works (as long as you have your domain running).

      This sounds very interesting Linda, I’m sure there are many people who are into this niche. Less and less folks are putting their trust in toxic pharmaceuticals.


  3. John Vine

    This looks like an amazingly good idea. I will certainly be returning and am seriously thinking of participating when your comment club gets going.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi John

      That’s great, the project will take a good few months no doubt but in the mean time you can already share your links and take advantage of this ‘free for all’ platform 🙂


  4. Lynwood Daykin

    Hi my friend! I wish to say that this post is amazing, nice written and include approximately all important infos. I would like to see more posts like this .

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Thank you kindly, I do my best to update all the information on our website and create new content as often as possible.

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    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Thank you, great share and information.


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