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Where to start“Do not be afraid to fail in life because every time you do, you will learn something new.” In this article I want to cover the following topics:

  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • What should you know off the mark as an entrepreneur?
  • Free help is available but at what cost?
  • Identify your values and don’t miss opportunities.
  • The importance of finding a good mentor


What is an entrepreneur?

It is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Entrepreneurs are risk takers. They make sacrifices, take responsibility for their actions and accept failure as part of a process to reach their goals. This doesn’t mean the risks are not calculated. A lot of time and effort is put into research, gaining knowledge and understanding a specific market or niche. A successful entrepreneur invests in themselves first in order to make well educated decisions with minimum risks and maximum benefits. This takes discipline, self motivation and being systematic to a degree. Notice the definition says “business or businesses”. Entrepreneurs are builders and understand the importance of creating networks and multiple streams of income, preferably passive income. This gives them more time and capital gains to further invest in their education process and business developments. Not putting all your eggs into one basket assures even less risk.  

What should you know off the mark as an entrepreneur?

  • Build trust. How do you build trust? Be honest, kind and respectful. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, don’t be ashamed to admit your failures and weaknesses. People will pick up on this anyway if they start following you or your website.
  • Do not fake credentials or use fake names. Pen names can be used if and when appropriate but you will build more trust when you are YOURSELF online.
  • Give yourself a fair chance and don’t buy into believing that success is acquired overnight. In other words don’t fall for scams and “to good to be true” schemes. You should thoroughly research any company before joining or venturing with them. If you just ‘wing it’ you might end up frustrated and lose time and money.
  • Don’t forget you partaking in a marathon not a sprint. Do not overload your plate with work you can’t handle. Building a business takes time, patience and lots of hard work.
  • Taking action overcomes everything else. You can plan, you can think, you can research and learn but TAKE ACTION because this is what will help you get along much faster. You WILL make mistakes but the quicker you make them the sooner you become successful and start achieving results.
  • The best market research you can do is putting your product or service out there and see if it sells. You then determine what you need to do in order to make those sales. It’s a step by step process but can go much faster with a good mentor present. Further below I discuss the importance of finding a good mentor.


Free help is available but at what cost?

Most of us think in terms of monetary value when we hear or read the word “free”. Some of us don’t consider that effort or energy, health and time are also very valuable resources. Although some things in life are offered for free, in reality nothing can ever be for free or without exchange of energy. If I handed you $10 from my pocket you will need to burn energy and consume time to take it from my hand. If I send you an article for free that shows you how to earn $1000 per week online, you will need to take the time to read it and strain your eyes a bit, exercise the brain a little. In other words, just because you didn’t pay money, doesn’t mean you didn’t pay a price. Truly nothing online can be considered free because you require an internet provider for an internet connection which someone has to pay for. Either you or someone else is paying for you to be able to read this information right? If I was to offer you free help that is effective and produced positive results, in return I would need your time and attention, not your money! See how this works? 🙂 Nothing can be accomplished if you don’t have initiative and add energy into taking action that will yield a result. If you are in bad health, you will not be as effective and productive as if you were in great health and time is the most precious of all the resources you have because it’s limited and unpredictable how much of it you have. Therefore we should value these resources more than money. Maybe sometimes you hear people say “help me help you”. Well, I can’t make you rich but can show you many ways you can create your own streams of income. This website is full of ideas that have been proven to work by me personally and I am more than willing to explain what needs to be explained.

Contact us for free help!

Identify your values and don’t miss opportunities.

It is vital to identify your values as an entrepreneur because everything you do will reflect through your work. Through the nature of what I do online, people often contact me via email with their CV attached asking for a JOB position, IT specialists, marketers, photographers, artists, musicians, writers, administrators, students etc. A constant challenge faced is to explain to them that I’m not in the business of employment but in the business of offering opportunity. Most the time, they will completely miss the AMAZING opportunity right in front of them because their mind is focused on getting a job and salary. I can definitely relate to where they come from and understand they need to pay bills, buy food, medicine, support family etc. and through social engineering the world has been conditioned this way, sad but true. If you value a job and a salary more than creating financial freedom, being your own boss and working your own hours then you won’t see the value in what I offer.  

The importance of finding a good mentor

MentorTo me personally a mentor is someone who should inspire you and bring out your best qualities, someone who is not afraid to correct and guide us so we can reach our full potential. Someone who knows where we are at in life and can help us take THE RIGHT actions so we can make good progress. Gives advice based on personal experience and can prove it with results. Why is it so important to have a good mentor?

  • No need to feel stuck or get frustrated.
  • Get help with technical challenges.
  • Make faster progress and avoid wasting time and money.
  • To get your personal question answered directly.
  • Stay motivated and inspired.

I believe there is a lot of psychology behind marketing and sales so it helps when a mentor is aware of more than just online concepts and how to sell products. We must understand that we are dealing and connecting with PEOPLE on the other end of this digital world not robots.

Please feel free to comment bellow if you have questions, concerns or any feedback. I will be happy to assist in any way possible 🙂

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  1. michael

    These are great tips for any person trying to start an on or offline business.

    I especially like where you talk about finding a good mentor and not expecting success overnight. I believe these are two reasons why many people fail in creating a sustainable business.

    I also want to add is that you should never give up no matter how long it takes. If you look at many of the successful entrepreneurs that made it big — you might be surprised at how many of them actually had to fail to get where they are now.

    Great article again. I enjoyed it.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Michael

      Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

      I can surely vouch for failing a lot on and off line but learned that failure leads to success eventually.

      Glad you enjoyed the article 😉




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