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Traffic Ad Bar Review (2017)

Traffic Ad BarBusiness Name:
 Traffic Ad Bar

Year Founded: 2009

Founder: Darren Merrett

Website: Traffic Ad Bar

Personal Rating: 8 out of 10

About: TAB is a traffic exchange system that sends visitors to your websites or referral links based on the amount of sites you visit. They also provide fun, exciting and competitive methods to get even more views and visits.

Is Traffic Ad Bar safe to use?

TAB has been around since 2009 and has mostly made a very positive impression. It has helped thousands of members drive a LOT of traffic to their websites and URL’s. It is safe, reliable and user friendly. There will always be those who say this is a waste of time or it doesn’t work but I tend to disagree.

Personally I have used a free account for a few weeks and received more views than I have given. The system I use in combination (Wealthy Affiliate) has life time cookies so the majority of the unique clicks are being embedded for long term purposes. Even if the prospect returns after a few years (using the same OS) they will be my referral.

!!! BEWARE OF SCAM ADVERTS !!! I have encountered one advert that was a scam. Someone promoting a “opportunity” to join some spillover referral funnel system for $6 one time payment. Be careful with some offers because they don’t all get screened or simply deceive the system.

TAB does do it’s best to keep out scammers but they can leak through so please be vigilant if you plan to use this site. If something sounds to good to be true, it usually is!

Traffic Ad Bar Hits

Websites Visited: 860

Views Received: 927 +

You still receive side hits when people view your profile so it is good to be active daily for these extra benefits. The more you are noticed the more views you will be receiving.


  • Free signup! No risks involved and no obligation to pay anything.
  • Exchange traffic with others and discover new opportunities!
  • 100 000 Free points to advance on the ad leader ladder.
  • Invite friends through the referral program and receive cash rewards.
  • Exposure to other members that will view your profile and websites.
  • Great help and support. Contact form.
  • Exposure and extra rewards for activity.
  • Be featured in the Top 20 Daily League and get more views for recognition.

Traffic Ad Bar Daily League


  • If you surf extensively every single day your unique visits will gradually decrease because usually there are common users viewing the adverts daily. The upside to this is they can still view your NEW websites and URL’s or whenever you add new content.
  • The site doesn’t have the best appearance but this is just my opinion. It could of had some cool theme like a Bar Theme but without alcohol, only websites and URL’s served on the menu 🙂



Traffic Ad Bar Homepage

Why I joined Traffic Ad Bar.

I always join programs that I write reviews about to give a more insightful and accurate report based on experience and not speculation.

Recently doing all kind of traffic experiments, direct, organic, social media and targeted. I wanted to try a few exchange sites and compare the conversion result.

In the first 2 weeks there were 8 people who joined one of the programs I was promoting and a few more on another. You can have 5 websites or URL’s on a free account.

After a month I am planning to upgrade to Pro Lite.

Please view the UPGRADES selection further below in this article… it’s where it gets exciting! ^^,

My Traffic results before and after trying this system (free account).


Dismal Traffic Hits


Better Traffic


Much Better Traffic


Who is this for?

  • Anyone who would like TRAFFIC hits.
  • Those who would like free traffic DAILY.
  • Those who provide traffic services, you can promote other people’s URL’s as well.
  • Merchants, affiliates, retailers, suppliers, marketers, private sellers and distributors.
  • Those who like affiliate programs.
  • Anyone who would like to earn extra income online.
  • Anyone who has a website and needs traffic.
  • Affiliate Marketers.
  • Content creators.

Can I track these visitors? Are they real users?!

There are no bots on TAB, they are all real visitors and their profiles can be viewed directly on the site.

Sure there can be fake users and scammers so just be careful as always when surfing the web 😉


The Affiliate / Referral Program

It works just like every other affiliate program.

You get a unique referral link (ID) that you can promote on your website, social media posts or blog. Refer new members and earn commissions if they upgrade.

Do you know some people who would like free traffic for their websites or blogs? Those are the people you can help with this system.

Traffic Ad Bar Referral Commissions___________________________________________________________________________________________

Where do all the wonderful visitors come from?!

Mostly from the members on TAB but if you take advantage of the upgrades your websites and referral links will be introduced to other traffic exchange systems as well!


Receive hundreds of extra visitors everyday and earn cash.

TAB puts your websites or URL’s on auto-pilot in 3 very powerful ways!

  1. Guaranteed 4000 visitors per month.
  2. 5000 Credit Points every 3 days.
  3. List more websites or URL’s.


Every point you earn on your primary URL will be increased by 2000{87e56780531fb49397975d6ccdf5fd583fe12882c640bab7ecd9d9198b593911}! That means for every 1000 points you receive, you will get 20 000 instead. These points contribute to your Level Ladder.

Traffic Ad Bar Upgrade List


Create a profile with a nice photo (where people can see you face) and a short description in the testimonial tab.

Make sure you adds are catchy and get attention by writing strong titles and brief descriptions, try to be as concise as possible.

Overall Evaluation & Conclusion

This is probably one of the most FUN websites I have ever used to get free traffic hits. I highly recommend you try it out and hope you get some good conversions as a result.



Please feel free to comment bellow if you have questions, concerns, feedback, suggestions or any experiences to share.

Always here to assist you if needed!

Best regards,



  1. Harjit

    Thanks for this great review. Traffic Ad Bar looks like a great tool to drive traffic to a website. I have created a website and I need more traffic to my website so that I get more clicks on the affiliate links. I like the fact that is has a free sign up. I might just join and see what it’s all about.

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Hi Harjit

      Only a pleasure and I can highly recommend it, already got some positive results in just 2 weeks of using this system. 

      Feel free to ask for help if you need any 😉

      Best regards,


  2. SuperSingh

    Thanks for the review. These days it’s difficult to attract more traffic but this method will help in generating more for sure. Do you know any other ways to attract more traffic? I’m trying through Facebook and Twitter but it’s very slow and not working that well.

    1. Kamil (Post author)


      Sure there are many ways to attract traffic but you have to be selective and also focus on directing targeted traffic to a specific niche.
      Facebook and Twitter and great tools for marketing. Have you established a brand that you promoting? or are you just sharing random referral links and hoping for the best? 🙂
      You simply have to refine something that isn’t working.

      A new brand can take time to become recognized so you have to be patient, give it some time and keep building your brand/product/service and increase quality during this process and incorporate elements that help you stand out from your competition. Imagine how many other people are sharing what you are sharing. What are you doing that is different?

      I have written other reviews on how you can get more traffic but please consider a strategy when using these platforms.
      If you shoot into the dark, you can’t expect many hits to land.

      Traffic Globalization
      Traffic Globalization Tutorial
      Global MoneyLine

      You welcome to contact me for help through support.

      Kind regards,

  3. SuperSingh

    These days traffic is the most vital thing and we need to find ways to attract traffic at minimum possible cost. I think we can attract cheap traffic from websites like Quora. Though there is no guarantee this type of traffic will convert, it is usually free or cheap.
    I have also seen many doing well through Google Hangout, Google Plus.

    1. Kamil (Post author)


      Yes traffic is vital towards conversions, sales and Google rank etc.
      Free traffic is not always the best quality but can definitely help to get things started, depending on what you need from your traffic.

      Thank you for sharing these extra platforms to get more free/low cost traffic, social media can be a huge boost once you have enough followers in a specific niche.


  4. Ch1w4n333

    To be honest, I’m planning on making my own website and this could help kick start it along with several TE as it’s hard to get people attention early on with non-existent Alexa rank unless using google promote or very popular niche. Also I had to agree with the website design doesn’t look promising especially the front page (no offense but it looks like those scam site about earning money fast) BUT the fact that it lasted since 2009 may change the fact. Thanks for the share, I will have a try of it very soon. 🙂

    1. Kamil (Post author)


      I would not stress at all about Alexa rank because it is not accurate. You can read this article and determine if it’s worth it to analyze Alexa stats, in my opinion it’s a waste of time.

      Traffic exchanges can work very well if you promote the right program at the right time. Always consider the competition and user audience that are most active.
      Unfortunately the web design is not the best but more importantly the site functions very well.


  5. dilip is better option for users to get free traffic
    so users can get traffic

    1. Kamil (Post author)

      Thank you for sharing, every extra traffic resource helps.

  6. pradum

    well i use for my website traffic

  7. Kennithson

    I am just new to traffic bar only for three days experienced with still the result is showing very good from the hit reacting section of my affiliate URL. I am thinking of upgrading to pro membership.


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